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Via Linda Streetscape Design Guidelines

Where is the full policy?Pyramid_ViaLinda-Streetscape

  • Via Linda Streetscape Guidelines
    (pdf / 1.69 mb / 10 pgs / 1994)
  • The Guidelines may be viewed at the Planning and Design Library at the Community Design Studio, 7506 E Indian School Road.

What is it?Thumbnail_ViaLinda-Streetscape

Specific streetscape enhancement design guidelines for landscape and hardscape for Via Linda.

Where does it apply?

Via Linda, east of the Central Arizona Project Canal to the terminus near the 140th street alignment.

Who needs to use it?

All participants in the development process, including citizens, policy makers, design professionals, and developers.

Why was it developed?

In 1993 City Council directed staff to prepare guidelines to preserve and enhance mountain and valley views along Via Linda.

When was it put into effect?

City Council approved the guidelines on June 14, 1994.

Key Points:

  1. Buffered set backs minimums as follows:

    a. CAP east to 140th Street - 40' average, 30' minimum.
    b. East of 140th Street - 80' average, 60' minimum.

  2. Road should have a landscaped median.

  3. Landscape pallet - Natural native desert, enhance with revegetation.

  4. Graphic symbol created to be used in a variety of applications such as railings, wall imprints, signs, monuments, and other graphic details.

  5. Wall design:

    a. Whereever possible avoid perimeter development walls
    b. Where development walls do occur:

    1. Muted desert tones, and soft undulations

    2. Vertical and horizontal breaks in alignment to minimize height and mass and provide visual relief.

    3. Special niches for plant materials integrated into wall.

  6. Light pole & signal pole color scheme options (Frazee colors):

  7. Specific color T.B.D

  8. Building and Wall Height/Setback:

    a. Building height at residential setback
        (or non-residential 120' from CL not more  than 24')
    b. Step back subsequent stories from first story
    c. Fills not to exceed 4' within 100' of R.O.W.
    d. Screen, and retaining walls not more than 8' at setback line.
    e. Setback should increase as wall and building heights increase.

  9. Sidewalks set back as far as possible from curb with returns at drives and intersections.

  10. Special treatments proposed at Via Linda and 136th Street intersection including enhanced hardscape and landscape pedestrian spaces at corners and walks.

References and related documents:


Download printable Via Linda Streetscape policy card (pdf / 678 kb / 1 pg)