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Sherwood Heights Neighborhood Plan

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What is it?

This Neighborhood Plan is the result of a six-month planning process initiated by area residents to identify primary issues and to establish goals and objectives to guide the future of their neighborhood.
Effective November 2002
PRD Overlay November 2003

thumbnail_sherwoodWhere does it apply?

This Plan represents the Sherwood Heights, Sherwood Estates and Fairway Park subdivisions. The neighborhood is located in an area bounded by Thomas Road to the north, Oak Street to the south, 56th Street to the west, and 60th Street to the east.

Who needs to use it?

Residents of this neighborhood (when planning any improvements or changes to their property), City staff, City Council, Planning Commission, Citizens.

Why was it developed?

This Plan was developed in response to neighbors who requested assistance from the City. Results of a neighborhood survey indicated that there was a need to develop a vision document for the neighborhood as well as identify action items to address their concerns. This Plan is the first full Neighborhood Area Plan developed as part of the Neighborhood Planning Program in the City and is anticipated to be the prototype for and set standards for the development of future neighborhood plans.

Key Points:

  1. The Sherwood Heights Neighborhood Area, covers a total land area of 110 acres and is home to 250 households. The area was developed with semi-custom single story homes in the early 1950's.
  2. The residential portion of this neighborhood is zoned R1-10. A narrow strip to the north of the neighborhood fronting Thomas Road includes C-1, S-R, R-4 and R-5 zoning.
  3. There is no formal Homeowners Association in this neighborhood.
  4. The Plan was initiated by residents in response to concerns about the character of new development activity in the neighborhood area.
  5. The planning process was collaborative, City staff facilitated two Open House meetings, two Workshops and two Working Group meetings.
  6. The principal issues identified by the Neighborhood Plan include:
    1. Character and view preservation.
    2. Neighborhood Traffic (speeding and cut-through).
    3. Septic tank to sewer conversion.
    4. Undergrounding of power and telephone lines along the alleys.
  7. In January 2003, a group of neighbors organized a petition campaign to request the creation of an overlay district to limit building heights and number of stories. The Scottsdale City Council approved the creation of the Sherwood Heights Area PRD Overlay in November of 2003

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