Shea Area Plan

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The Guidelines may be viewed at the Planning and Design Library at the Community Design Studio, 7506 E Indian School Road.

  • Shea Area Plan (pdf/2.4mb/18pp)

    What is it?

    The Shea Area Plan contains policies and guidelines that strive to preserve neighborhoods and character in the Shea Boulevard area. The policies and guidelines establish the initial minimum threshold for a project to be considered in the Shea area.
    City Council adopted - June 15, 1993

    Shea Area Plan - Map of Applicable AreaWhere does it apply?

    The Shea Area is generally between Hayden and the eastern city boundary, and Thunderbird and the Doubletree Ranch Road alignment. The specific Shea Corridor policies apply to the area generally 1/4 mile north and 1/4 mile south of Shea Boulevard. The Mayo Support District policies apply to the general area around the Mayo Clinic.

    Who needs to use it?

    City Council, Planning Commission, City staff, Developers, Citizens

    Why was it developed?

    Concerns about development character and protection of the environment in the Shea Area prompted City Council to direct staff to study and provide goals, guidelines, and policies for this area.

    Key Points:

    1. Umbrella Goals/Policies from the Shea Area Plan apply throughout the study area.
      1. Compatibility of new development to existing development is sought through monitoring building heights, setbacks, building massing, buffering techniques, project walls (6 feet limitation), and neighborhood review of proposed development.
      2. New development should not destabilize an existing neighborhood nor should assemblages of existing neighborhoods be encouraged.
      3. Environmental protection and site planning that is sensitive to environmental features is encouraged through open space links and preservation, a Scenic Corridor, single story buildings adjacent to the Shea Scenic Corridor, retention of washes in a natural condition, and conformance with the ESLO.
      4. Provide an efficient road network and promote alternative modes of travel by building Shea Boulevard according to anticipated traffic demands and following the Shea Blvd. Transportation/Access Policy(Arterial/Arterial Median Break Policy); maximizing the trail system by providing safe and convenient access to areas north and south of Shea Blvd.; and by expanding bus service along Shea at Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd. and near the Mayo Clinic.
    2. Shea Corridor Goals/Policies apply to the Shea Corridor Area:
      1. A variety of residential housing choices should be provided.
      2. New employment opportunities (destination medical, corporate office or hotel accommodations), in appropriate locations (at a major collector or larger street) will be allowed.
      3. Neighborhood retail centers should occur within the neighborhoods, on arterial streets, and outside of the Shea Corridor.
    3. Mayo Clinic Support District Goals/Policies apply to the area around the Mayo Clinic, to: 

      Enhance a support services district with uses that include hotels, restaurants, specialty retail, offices, research and development campus, housing and educational facilities.

    4. The Scenic Corridor for Shea Boulevard should be a minimum width of 50' for single family areas, with an average width of 60'. and a minimum width of 80' for all other uses, with an average width of 100'.
    5. The Shea Boulevard Streetscape Guidelines were approved in 1994 as a result of the recommendation of the Shea Area Plan.

    References and related documents:

    Download printable Shea Area Plan policy card (pdf / 226 kb / 1 pg)