Office Design Guidelines

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Office Design Guidelines (pdf/379kb/27pp)

The policies may be viewed at:

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What is it?

These guidelines are the specific office building design objectives of the Citywide Design Guidelines. They include design guidance for standard office, office industrial, office warehouse, and office aircraft hangar.

Where does it apply?

Citywide, applied to new development, redevelopment, and major renovation projects. (The Downtown area has its own specific guidelines)

Who needs to use it?

Residents and neighborhoods, Development Review Board (DRB), City staff, developers and property owners, all those involved in the development review process.

Why was it developed?

In response to increasing concerns about the quality and character of design in the community, the City Council, Planning Commission, and Development Review Board (DRB) directed staff to prepare design guidelines for a range of development types.
Development Review Board adoption - April 2003

Key Points:

  1. The design of office buildings should incorporate passive architectural solutions to east, south, and west faces of buildings to limit solar exposure and resulting heat gain.
  2. The windows (void) to wall (mass) ratio of a typical multi-story professional/business office building should not exceed 50:50 and should not be less than 70:30.
  3. The use of horizontal window/wall banding treatments should be limited and may be inappropriate in some settings.
  4. The use of highly reflective, polished, or glossy materials should be limited and may be inappropriate in some contexts.
  5. The building mechanical system, as it might affect the aesthetics and architectural composition of a building, should be carefully considered in early phases of design.
  6. Where rooftops are viewed at close range from higher adjacent ground, roofing materials and color should be toward darker tones and kept dull and muted.
  7. The exterior design of a building should reveal where possible differences in its internal functions are as expressions of height, massing, and composition of the elevation.
  8. All industrial buildings should incorporate sufficient architectural detail.
  9. The permanent use of prefabricated metal buildings is generally discouraged.
  10. Industrial space should incorporate window openings if possible. Consider translucent glass for the diffused quality of light it provides.

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