Neighborhood Plans

Where are the full policies located?Pyramid_NbhdPlans

  • Neighborhood Planning
  • Individual plans may be viewed at the Planning and Design Library at the Community Design Studio, 7506 E Indian School Road.

What are they?

The neighborhood plan was a recommendation of the CityShape process, where a three-level planning approach was put into place. Neighborhood plans were the most specific level of the three. Neighborhood planning is a strategic process that involves the community in the development and implementation of issue-based, action-oriented local plans that address neighborhoods' physical environment, land use and infrastructure issues.

Thumbnail_LAMPsWhere do they apply?

This program can be applied City-wide, although there is a focus on the more established areas in the central and southern portions of the City.

Who needs to use them?

City staff and applicants involved in new development projects, infill or revitalization efforts, as well as citizen groups interested in creating a plan for their neighborhood.

Why were they developed?

The program is in response to the following Council Goals:

  • To "Promote livability by enhancing and protecting neighborhoods",
  • To address issues with the help of the people living in an smaller, specific area.
  • To maintain a "diverse family oriented community where neighborhoods are safe and protected from adverse impacts."

Key Points:

  1. Provides a tool to maintain and enhance the vitality and character of existing neighborhoods.
  2. Establishes a framework for harmonious development of new neighborhoods.
  3. Provides tools to examine how new growth and infill development can be accommodated in ways that allow for preservation and strengthening of established neighborhoods.
  4. Generates a framework for partnership and builds positive communication channels between residents, businesses and the City.
  5. Establishes common goals, and identifies issues and priorities.
  6. Proposes alternative solutions to be addressed in short, mid, and long range implementation schedules.
  7. May not necessarily change the Zoning Ordinance or Codes.
  8. Implementation actions may generate a case or petition for zoning changes.
  9. Implementation actions may require the formation of Improvement Districts.

References and related documents:

Download printable Neighborhood Plans Policy Card (pdf / 746 kb / 1 pg)