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Neighborhood Assemblage Policy

Where is the full policy located?Pyramid_Nbhdassemb

Neighorhood Assemblage Policy (pdf / I37 kb / 6 pgs)

ndividual plans may be viewed at the Planning and Design Library at the Community Design Studio, 7506 E Indian School Road.

What is it?

The Neighborhood Assemblage Policy is a general policy of the City of Scottsdale that provides review and performance guidelines to be applied to proposed neighborhood assemblages. Resolution 3157, which enacted the policy, was passed and adopted by the Scottsdale City Council in May 1989.

Where does it apply?


Who needs to use it?

All who are involved in the assemblage.

Why was it developed?

During the 1980’s several situations involving the assemblage of properties for redevelopment occurred within the city of Scottsdale with some common resultant problems that indicated the need for an official policy that would address such occurrences and prevent or lessen problems in future assemblages.
Resolution 3157 provided that the City Council, when considering a General Plan amendment or zoning approval for an assembled neighborhood, will require that the guidelines, listed as Key Points below, be considered as a precondition to approval.

Key Points:

  1. The assembled neighborhood is in transition, requiring substantial reinvestment to maintain the area for continued residential use at existing densities.
  2. The proposed development will not establish a land use pattern that is likely to set a precedent and thereby generate future pressure for redevelopment on adjacent residential properties.
  3. The proposed development will be compatible with adjacent land uses and must protect the stability and integrity of existing residential neighborhoods through such devices as, but not limited to, setbacks, height restrictions, use restrictions, buffering techniques, and traffic access restrictions.
  4. All elements of the plan for redevelopment (including land use, density, buffering, scale, traffic, etc.) shall conform to the basic planning principles, City policies, and the General Plan of the City of Scottsdale. The General Plan shall be amended if the proposed redevelopment does not conform with the Land Use Element.
  5. The proposed developer should provide an agreement to purchase all of the property within the area to be rezoned that would become binding on the proposed developer upon the passage of an ordinance changing the zoning in the area. In the alternative, the developer shall satisfy City staff that the proposed development can be successfully accomplished notwithstanding the presence of parcels not forming part of the redevelopment.
  6. The proposed development cannot more appropriately be accommodated in an area having suitable and existing zoning.
  7. City staff shall determine if the preservation or replacement of housing opportunities is an important community objective is being met by the proposed development.

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Download printable Neighborhood Assemblage Policy Card (pdf / 244 kb / 1 pg)