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Local Area Master Plans (LAMPs)

What are they?Pyramid_LAMPs

Local Area Master Plans (LAMPs) are working guides designed to assist city staff and property owners make sure that infrastructure and city service needs (rights of way, trails, streets, water or sewer lines) can be met in areas of the city with large numbers of smaller indicidually owned properties. LAMPs were developed by a city staff team, representing Planning & Development Services, Transportation, Water Resources, Drainage, Emergency Services, Trails Planning, Solid Waste and Maintenance.

Where do they apply?Thumbnail_LAMPs

Currently, these plans apply to the East Shea, Desert Foothills, and Dynamite Foothills Areas.

Who needs to use them?

City staff and property owners in the three areas.

Why were they developed?

To help guide staff and property owners so services can be provided to properties and there will be a complete infrastructure network in these areas.

Key Points:

The following ten goals were established for LAMPs:

  1. Coordinate infrastructure so that they are not planned independently of one another.
  2. Maintain a general network of streets, and build only the streets that are needed to serve each parcel.
  3. Reduce concentrations of traffic on a limited street network, and the need for individual parcels to directly access major streets in order to improve safety and capacity.
  4. Create a better neighborhood design that establishes a balance between accessibility and access control, also providing emergency access that meets city standards.
  5. Minimize street crossings of major washes in order to maintain the integrity of natural washes, minimize long term construction and maintenance costs, and allow for local trail access.
  6. Coordinate the location of utilities and public access improvements in order to reduce long term costs and minimize disruptions to neighborhoods.
  7. Allow trail use along streets.
  8. Provide predictablility for city budgeting and maintenance programs.
  9. Provide consistency in decision making across the city while also allowing for the ability to make informed site decisions that would alter the plans.
  10. Increase the awareness of the public about what will happen in their neighborhood.

Changes may be made to the LAMPs. This would occur on a case by case basis, where a property owner or group of property owners works with the city to create an alternative plan that meets the intent and goals of the LAMP.


References and related documents:

Download printable LAMPs policy card (pdf / 765 kb / 1 pg)