Land Use Impact Model

Process Pyramid IllustrationWhere is the full policy located?

  • The master copy of FISCALS resides in the Planning and Design Library at the Community Design Studio, 7506 E Indian School Road.

What is it?

The Land Use Impact model is an electronic spreadsheet which enables analysis and projection of the impacts of development of land for any purpose provided or proposed under the Land Use Element of Scottsdale's General Plan. The model supports and simplifies comparative analyses of alternative land use and development scenarios.

FISCALS - Map of Planning Zone Areas (City-Wide)Where does it apply?

The model contains thousands of equations and variable factors tailored to the whole City of Scottsdale and to each of the City's five planning zones and sub-zones. The only input required to run the model is the acreage for each land use category being analyzed.

Who needs to use it?

City staff, City Council, Planning Commission, citizens and members of the development community who are examining and/or proposing General Plan amendments, and other public sector agencies.

Why was it developed?

The model was developed to enable fast, easy, consistent, specific, and comparative analyses of the impacts of land use and development proposals in Scottsdale.

Key Points:

  1. The model can be used as a tool to evaluate, recommend, and act on public and private sector proposals for changes in Scottsdale's General Plan.
  2. The product of the model is a single letter-size sheet of paper presenting: the total number of dwelling units by 8 different density types, hotel/resort rooms, population, children under 18 years of age, weekday vehicle trips, water use, wastewater and solid waste generation, air pollution, gross floor area of non residential building construction, employees by 12 different employment categories, non-residential off-street parking spaces, median household income, annual retail buying power, supportable retail acreage and gross floor area of buildings, and facilities demand for schools, parks, and branch libraries.
  3. The model is easy to learn and operate.
  4. Analytic data output of the model are accurate, consistent, reliable, and well presented in an easy to read, understand and print format.
  5. Maintenance and upgrading of the model are simple.
  6. The model is neither bulky nor heavy. Each of the 11 individual worksheets in the workbook fits easily on an average computer monitor. The Excel software will run on both PC and Macintosh platforms. (It currently runs on the Microsoft Office Excel version 2000)

References and related documents:

Download printable Land Use Impact Model policy card (pdf / 236 kb / 1 pg)