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Historic Preservation Program

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What is it?

The program was recommended in the Historic Resources Preservation Task Force’s April 1997 report. The City Council appointed a Historic Preservation Commission to provide oversight for the historic preservation program and implement local efforts to identify, protect and promote significant historical and archaeological resources. The (HP) Historic Property overlay zoning district, and Protection of Archaeological Resources ordinance are implementation tools.

Program developed 1997-1999

Where does it apply?


Who needs to use it?

City Council, the Historic Preservation Commission, community groups, and organizations such as local heritage tourism groups, city staff, developers, and citizens.

Why was it developed?

To formalize the City’s commitment to historic preservation.

Key Points:

  1. The Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) is charged with overseeing the program, including local efforts to identify, designate, preserve and protect the City’s significant historic, architectural and archaeological resources. The HPC conducts surveys to identify significant resources for potential designation and recommends to the City Council those properties for placement on the Scottsdale Historic Register.
  2. The program identifies significant resources and implements the public review process for designating significant resources in the community.
  3. Historic building surveys have been completed for a 1-square mile area of the downtown, for post World War II ranch neighborhoods, and for multi-family developments.
  4. Incentive programs are developed and recommended to assist owners of historic properties with maintaining or rehabilitating their historic buildings.
  5. The HPC develops and approves Historic Preservation Plans for each register property or district that defines characteristic features, and specifies guidelines for planned exterior changes. The HPC uses the approved guidelines in HP Plans and follows HP ordinance procedures to review and approve Certificates of Appropriateness for exterior changes to HP designated properties or districts.
  6. A Historic Preservation Officer (HPO) and City Archaeologist support the Historic Preservation Commission’s efforts to carry out duties defined in ordinances and to manage the program.
  7. The City owns two historic school buildings that are listed on the Scottsdale Historic Register. The City also owns numerous archaeological sites in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve it manages and protects.

References and related documents:

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