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Historic Preservation Ordinance

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  • Scottsdale Revised Code, Chapter 2
  • City of Scottsdale Preservation Office
  • Ordinance summary

What is it?

The Historic Property (HP) district establishes the framework for the local historic preservation program that identifies and designates special resources in the community. HP is an overlay zone and does not change the underlying zoning, land uses or densities.

City Council approved - July 1999

Where does it apply?

Any property or district that has been zoned HP and placed on the official Scottsdale Historic Register. The Historic Preservation Commission is charged with identifying and protecting significant resources in the City.

Who needs to use it?

The City Council, Historic Preservation and Planning Commissions, City staff and property owners of a property that is listed on the Scottsdale Historic Register.

Why was it developed?

The ordinance was developed to officially recognize significant historic, archaeological and cultural resources in the community and officially establish a local historic preservation program.

Key Points:

  1. The program formalizes the City’s commitment to historic preservation for the purposes of:
    a. Creating a sense of pride in our heritage.
    b. Preventing the loss of valuable historic resources.
    c. Recognizing and promoting an awareness of Scottsdale’s history.
    d. Creating economic benefits by enhancing tourism and increasing property values.
  2. Establishes the powers and duties of and representation on the Scottsdale Historic Preservation Commission (HPC).
  3. Establishes the roles of Historic Preservation Officer (HPO) and City Archaeologist to provide support for Historic Preservation Commission activities.
  4. Officially recognizes significant historic, archaeological and cultural resources through eligibility criteria and a designation process for HP district and places HP designated resources on a Scottsdale Historic Register.
  5. Provides for the development of a Historic Preservation Plan for register properties that defines specifically what features and/or characteristics resulted in the designation, specifies guidelines for planned changes, and provides measures to implement the plan to preserve these important features and characteristics.
  6. Establishes procedures to review and approve exterior changes to HP designated properties.
  7. Protects HP designated resources by establishing a demolition approval process and providing a delay in demolition to allow time to explore alternatives.

References and related documents:

Download printable Historic Preservation Ordinance policy card
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