Scottsdale's General Plan

Where is the full policy located?Pyramid_GeneralPlan2001

  • Scottsdale General Plan 2001
  • The General Plan may be viewed at the Planning and Design Library at the Community Design Studio, 7506 E Indian School Road.
  • Copies are available at the city libraries.

What is it?

City of Scottsdale General Plan 2001 is the policy guide for future development. It serves as a "blueprint" for how the city will develop and change in the future.

Where does it apply?


Who needs to use it?

City Council, Planning Commission, City development review/development process staff, Developers, Citizens

Why was it developed?

The City is required by State Law and City Charter to have a General Plan. Scottsdale already had one that had been updated at different times and not recently - Growing Smarter legislation in 1998 and 2000 required all communities to update their GPs, added required elements, and set a deadline for completion of the update (December 2001).

Key Points:

  1. Elements include: Character and Design, Community Involvement, Public Services & Facilities, Housing, Neighborhoods, Cost of Development, Growth Areas, Preservation and Environmental Planning, Open Space and Recreation, Land Use, Economic Vitality, Community Mobility, etc.
  2. Generalized land use categories on the Conceptual Land Uses map creates distinction between the General Plan and Zoning.
  3. GP is organized based on the Shared Vision, CityShape 2020, and City Council Goals.
  4. Focus is on more than physical development or land use - includes human services, character, and quality of life issues.
  5. Emphasis on character and design throughout.
  6. The document references other policies that apply to specific goals or strategies.
  7. Cross references other policy statements in the GP to make the plan more comprehensive.
  8. Reference Guide with maps and Glossary help make it more understandable.
  9. Major General Plan Amendment criteria are included in the General Plan as established by the City Council.
  10. Available in book, CD, and Land Use Summary map formats.

References and related documents:

Download printable General Plan Policy Card (pdf / 751 kb / 1 pg)