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Gas Station/Convenience Store Design Guidelines

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Gas Station & Convenience Stores (PDF/154kb/8pp)

The policies may be viewed at:

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7447 E Indian School Road, Ste 105

What is it?

These guidelines are the specific gas station and convenience store building design objectives of the Citywide Design Guidelines. They include design guidance for scale and design of gas pump islands, canopies, outdoor display, users, corporate branding, and pedestrian/vehicular integration.

Where does it apply?

Citywide, applied to new development, redevelopment, and major renovation projects. (The Downtown area has its own specific guidelines)

Who needs to use it?

Residents and neighborhoods, Development Review Board (DRB), City staff, developers and property owners, all those involved in the development review process.

Why was it developed?

In response to increasing concerns about the quality and character of design in the community, the City Council, Planning Commission, and Development Review Board (DRB) directed staff to prepare design guidelines for a range of development types.
Development Review Board adoption - April 2003

Key Points:

  1. Mitigate impacts on adjoining uses from site activities by orienting auto repair bay and car wash openings, service and storage areas and refuse enclosures away from public view; orienting drive-through windows, menu boards, and stacking lanes away from residential areas; and displaying items for sale within the main building or within designated areas that are screened from public streets.
  2. Discourage buildings whose image is derived solely from applied treatments that express corporate identity. Branding or business identity features not falling under the sign ordinance will be viewed as architectural elements. Business identity, through awnings, accent bands, paint or other applied color schemes, signage, parapet details, or materials, should not be the dominant architecture feature.
  3. Canopy integration to building and site walls is desired; multiple canopies or canopies that express differing architectural masses are encouraged. Canopy height should not exceed 13' 9" with the overall height not exceeding 17 feet. Canopy clearance should be clearly indicated. Canopy ceilings should be textured or have a flat finish.
  4. Lighted bands or tubes or applied bands of corporate color are discouraged.
  5. Gas tank vents shall be an integral part of the building design in terms of form, color, and texture.
  6. Site lighting should minimize direct and reflected glare and excess brightness. Specific canopy lighting details are listed in the complete text of the document.
  7. Pump island design should appear well organized and should not contribute to visual clutter. All design elements should be architecturally integrated with other structures on-site (color, material, and detailing); colors should be muted; translucent materials and internally lighted cabinets are discouraged; and a pump island curb or bollard is recommended.

References and related documents:

Download Printable Gas Station/Convenience Store Design Guidelines Policy Card
(pdf / 246 kb / 1 pg)