Neighborhood Planning

Neighborhood planning is a strategic process that complements the comprehensive General Plan and Character Area planning work already established in Scottsdale as envisioned by Scottsdale Vision and Cityshape 2020.  Subsequent to the adoption of the General Plan in March of 2002, Character Area Plans have been consolidated into 7 Strategic Areas encompassing the entire City.  Within this revised context, Neighborhood Plans continue to address the third tier of the framework established initially by the Scottsdale General Plan.

Neighborhood planning results in the development and implementation of issue-based, action-oriented local plans that address neighborhoods’ physical environment, land use and infrastructure issues.  Neighborhood Plans generate a framework for partnership between residents, businesses and the City, encouraging collaboration and resulting in an enhanced sense of community.  Through the establishment of common goals, neighborhood plans can identify issues and priorities as well as alternative solutions to be addressed in short, mid, and long range implementation schedules.   The solutions may result in the need for action by the city, by property owners in the neighborhood or by a variety of collaborative means.

Neighborhood Plans

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