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Dynamite Foothills Character Area Plan

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Dynamite Foothills Character Area
Adopted by Scottsdale City Council March 21, 2000
Resolution #5492


Project overview

The Dynamite Foothills Character Area Plan boundary is found on the fringe of Scottsdale and the metro Valley. The McDowell Mountains to the south and west of the area serve as a reminder that the local geography and geology put constraints on development in this isolated area. The location of the Dynamite Foothills, its remoteness and isolation from the urban centers of the city, and the environmental sensitivity of the area have consistently led to the conclusion that this area should be developed with low intensity uses. The broad open spaces and attractive desert environment provide the opportunity to create a unique desert community with a Rurual Desert character.

The Dynamite Foothills Character Area Plan sets forth the long-term vision created for the Dynamite Foothills area through the character area planning process. The goals and strategies found within it lay out the intentions for the area. A companion document to the Plan titled "Implementation Program" includes design and performance guidelines and potential city action items, illustrating some methods of attaining the Vision.

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