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Desert Foothills Character Area Plan

Adopted Plan & Related documents 




Project Background 

The Desert Foothills Character Area Plan sets forth the long-range vision created for the Desert Foothills area through the character area planning process. The goals and strategies found within the plan lay out the intentions for this area. A separate companion document, the Desert Foothills Implementation Plan, includes methods that will illustrate how to attain this vision.

The Desert Foothills character area is approximately eight square miles, generally located between Dixileta Road to the north, Jomax Road to the south, the City's western boundary and 96th Street to the east.

One of the prominent factors that has contributed a great deal to defining the character of this area is the fractured land ownership pattern, with parcel sizes ranging between one and five acres. This land ownership pattern contributes to random or what is also known as piecemeal development. Piecemeal development can be associated with minimal infrastructure, unpaved streets and diversity in housing styles and lifestyles. Residents have chosen to reside in this area due to many of these aforementioned characteristics. This character plan sets forth the vision to balance this rural lifestyle with the unique and fragile upper Sonoran desert experience in the study area.



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