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Planning Scottsdale's Future

  Building A Community Pyramid shows how each policy/regulations works together to obtain a final built environment
The city has established a series of processes and regulations that build upon each other and culminate in a built environment that fits with Scottsdale's needs and vision. 

These processes are regularly reviewed and updated.  Scottsdale is currently preparing for several key updates to the foundation of this pyramid.

2011 General Plan Update

View the current General Plan

The General Plan is a statement of goals and policies that work as the primary tool for guiding the future development of the city. 

It is an expression of the community's collective vision and direction for the future of Scottsdale, and how the community wants future growth and the character of the community to occur over the next 10-20 years.  

On a daily basis the city is faced with tough choices about growth, housing, transportation, neighborhood improvement, and service delivery.  The General Plan serves as a guide for making these choices by describing long-term goals for the city's future as well as policies to guide day-to-day decisions.

The policies in the General Plan are implemented and detailed through ordinances and ongoing formal procedures of the city, such as the Zoning Ordinance and Design Guidelines.  The intent of the Genereal Plan is implemented through recommendations from city Boards and Commissions, and decisions made by the City Council.  The General Plan is a living document that is manifested by many specific decisions and events that cause it to respond to the changing conditions, needs and desires of the community.

The State of Arizona requires that General Plans be updated every ten years, thus requiring the current General Plan to be updated by 2011.  The Advanced Planning Division is in the intitial phases of developing the update.

Community Area Planning

The General Plan and the Community Plans work together to provide a framework for guiding development in Scottsdale.  The General Plan 2011 Update will be built upon the Community Area Plans that will be developed over the next few years. 


Zoning Resources

Transportation Master Plan

The Transportation Master Plan was unanimously adopted by the Scottsdale City Council on January 8, 2008. The Master Plan is the first comprehensive look at the city’s entire transportation system since the 1980’s.  The Transportation Master Plan works from the goals outlined in the city’s 2001 General Plan to identify specific projects and programs to address transportation needs and objectives. 

Questions or Comments?

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