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Downtown Urban Design & Architectural Guidelines Update


The City has initiated work on a comprehensive update of the Downtown Urban Design & Architectural Guidelines ("UDAG" or "Guidelines") for the purpose of implementing the 2009 Downtown Character Area Plan. Originally adopted in 1986, the guidelines are recommendations for site design, building form, architectural and landscape character to assure that new development contributes to Downtown's urban design goals and is compatible with the character of existing downtown districts. These guidelines must correlate with the Scottsdale Zoning Ordinance by supporting ordinance provisions and providing a finer level of detail about the site design and development expectations for Downtown.

The guidelines are used by developer/land owners to inform the design of their Downtown development proposals. They are also used by the community, city staff, and the Development Review Board (DRB) to evaluate the merits of development proposals in relation to the community’s established vision for Downtown and the design expectations associated with that vision.

Public Involvement Opportunities

Community involvement and your input in the process are important to a successful outcome. The initial outreach has already occurred on this project in the form of open houses, focus group discussions, testimony at public hearings and in direct meetings with stakeholder groups and interested individuals. Completed Outreach and findings are summarized below:

  • UDAG update kick-off meeting and Open House. The link below leads to the presentation given at the project kick-off meeting.

Public Meeting Presentation (PDF)

  • Focus Group Meetings - Identified and measured community attitudes and preferences on key downtown design issues directly related to revisions to the Downtown Zoning Ordinance and to the UDAG update.  The link below leads to a draft summary of the Focus Group findings.

Focus Group Input Summary  (PDF)  

Related Resources

If you have any comments or questions on the modifications to the Downtown Urban Design and Architectural Guidelines, submit your comments to

Questions? Contact Long Range Planning Manager, Erin Perreault at 480-312-7000.

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