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Downtown Plan Update


Long range plans require periodic assessment and adjustment to keep the plan relevant and viable. As such, City Council initiated an update to the 2009 Downtown Plan (1-GP-2018) on January 8, 2018. The update will assess and align goals and policies with other policy documents and plans that have been adopted by the Council and other related agencies since 2009.

Additionally, continued changes in the business, residential and retail markets following the recession have also contributed to the need to reassess the Plan’s goals and policies for Downtown's continued evolution and growth. The targeted update will also adjust maps and graphics as well as the implementation program, as needed.

Public Involvement Opportunities

Community involvement and your input in this update process are essential to a successful outcome. City staff plans to hold various meeting dates, an open house, and online engagement opportunities to gather input, answer questions and present the proposed Plan updates to the community. Please feel encouraged check back often, and register for outreach opportunities as they are posted.  

  • Open House (March 2018) - Registration to come
  • Planning Commission Recommendation Hearing (Tentatively scheduled for April 2018)
  • City Council Adoption Hearing (Tentatively scheduled for May 2018)

Additional Information



Comments about the Downtown Plan Update:

Questions? Contact Project Coordination Liaison, Sara Javoronok, AICP at 480-312-7918.


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Contact Information

Erin Perreault, AICP
Long Range Planning Manager
P: 480-312-7093

Sara Javoronok, AICP
Project Coordination Liaison
P:  480-312-7918

Brandon McMahon
Associate Planner
P:  480-312-7321