Downtown Character Area Plan

Downtown Plan Update

CAPDowntownWhat Is It?

The character plan was a recommendation of the CityShape process where a three-level planning approach was put into place. Character Areas were the "middle" level of the three. Similar to past area studies that looked at General Plan elements (land use, transportation, public facilities) for a designated area, character plans also include design and character guidelines and recommendations. The completed Character Plans were approved by City Council as additions to the General Plan.

City Council adopted -June 2009

Where Does It Apply?

Downtown Scottsdaleis bound by Chaparral Road to the north, Earll Drive to the south, 68th Street to the west and Miller Road to the east.

Why Was It Developed?

Originally adopted by the City Council in 1984, the Downtown Plan served as the comprehensive policy document that guided growth and development decisions for Downtown Scottsdale. The 1984 Downtown Plan was successful in shaping the growth, both financially and physically, of Downtown Scottsdale.

Over time, public policy, market conditions, building technologies, and community composition changed considerably. Thus, the need to reevaluate and update the Downtown Plan became important to ensure the area’s continued success. Consequently, an update to the original Downtown Plan was initiated by the Scottsdale City Council in 2006.

To ensure that an updated Downtown Character Area Plan would reflect the community’s vision and goals for Downtown Scottsdale, an extensive public outreach process was conducted over a period of eighteen months. During that time, over 1,200 community members participated in the Downtown Plan update process. The culmination of this extensive public input is the updated, community-based Downtown Plan.

The Downtown Character Area Plan establishes the vision for Downtown Scottsdale and will continue to provide the basis for Downtown decision making over the next twenty years. The Plan contains explanatory goals, policies and illustrative graphics to articulate and act as a bridge between the vision for Downtown and the implementation programs necessary to achieve the vision.

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