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Owner-Builder Procedures

Effective July 1, 2010 - all property owners applying for a permit for new construction will be required to submit a properly completed Owner Builder Form (PDF) before a building permit will be issued.

An owner builder who is improving the property for sale will be required to have a valid State of Arizona Transaction Privilege (sales) Tax License with Scottsdale added as a Region Code (SC) and to provide that license number on the declaration form.

Contact Tax Audit at 480-312-2400 for further information.

Attention contractors and owners:
Contracting activity or sale of improved real property is subject to privilege (sales) tax, contact 480-312-2400 for further information or visit taxes.  

Key Resources

1. An Owner can serve as General Contractor and do the work themself. Licensing information (ROC & city licenses) for ALL subcontractors is required at permit issuance. An Owner can obtain a sales tax license and assume the tax liability. (A business license is different than a sales license). If the owner obtains the sales tax number, then this number is listed on the Privilege Tax Notification form. This is required for owner/builder projects.


2. An Owner can serve as General Contractor and hire sub-contractors (then required to submit Owner/Builder list of sub-contractors along with the Owner-Builder declaration. 

Residential (Single-Family) Projects

Contractors are required to be licensed by the State, with the City of Scottsdale added as a region, for all work done at the time of permit issuance for:  

  • Structural
  • Mechanical
  • Plumbing
  • Electric
  • Owner Builder Form (PDF) to be submitted to the One Stop Shop at the time of permit processing.
  • Owner/Builder list of contractors (unless owner is doing the work)
  • City of Scottsdale Privilege Tax Notification (either in contractor's name or owner's name)
  • Owner-Builder declaration

Commercial Projects

Property (or condo)* ownership is required to be listed as Commercial Owner/Builder

* The property owner for a commercial building, including condos, can act as his own general contractor. That means that they can pull the permit but they need to provide the completed owner builder statements and provide the city with the completed list of duly licensed sub-contractors which are then all listed on the permit, in place of just having a general contractor.

Contractors must be State licensed as 'commercial' contractors as well as license to do work in the City of Scottsdale.

Prior to construction (to ensure commercial licensing requirements are met), the Owner/Builder needs to submit Owner Builder Form (PDF) to the One Stop Shop including:

  • Owner/Builder list of contractors
  • City of Scottsdale Privilege Tax Notification
  • Owner-Builder declaration