Hours of Operation

  • Hours vary depending on the season, but public access for the park/trail is from dawn to dusk.
  • City scheduled and monitored evening programs may also be scheduled for such things as moonlight hikes and astronomy talks.

Rules, Regulations & Use Guidelines

All rules and regulations guiding operations of Pinnacle Peak Park/Trail Head are a part of the City of Scottsdale Revised Code via Ordinance No. 3127, amending Section 1.   Chapter 20, Article VIII, consisting of sections 20-130 through 20-133.  This ordinance has been drafted to stand-alone.  The stand alone character will clarify public understanding of the rules and regulations, while minimizing the confusion which would result from referencing the existing park rules within the Scottsdale Revised Code while also citing new provisions unique to Pinnacle Peak Park/Trail Head.

Appropriate rules, regulations and use guidelines will be posted at appropriate locations within the park.  Additionally, any printed brochures for the park will include these rules, regulations and use guidelines.

Emergency telephone numbers will be provided to area neighborhood associations and at the public telephone near the park’s restroom, to provide assistance to City staff and visitors in reporting violations.

Rules and Regulations

  • All persons using the park shall comply with all federal, state, county and city laws, rules and regulations.
  • Horses, hikers and rock climbers shall stay on designated trails.
  • Horses, except those being used by the Police Department in the course of their official duties, shall only be permitted to use trails designated by posted notices.
  • No bicycles shall be permitted on the trail or any climbing access route.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the park.
  • No open fires are permitted in the park.
  • No domesticated or pack animals, except service dogs assisting vision impaired persons, shall be permitted on trails and climbing access routes. This shall not apply to horses.   Dogs are permitted in the parking lot and trailhead areas if they are currently licensed and vaccinated.  Dogs must be secured on a leash at all times.
  • The owner or person in custody of a dog shall immediately pick up all dog droppings and deposit them in a park trash receptacle or remove them from the park.
  • Parking shall be permitted only in areas specifically designated for parking.
  • No glass, ceramic, or hard fragile plastic food or beverage containers are permitted in the park.
  • No littering shall be permitted on park premises.
  • No person shall throw, deposit or place any commercial or non-commercial handbill in or upon any unattended vehicle parked or located in the park.
  • No alcoholic beverages of any kind shall be permitted in the park.
  • No amplified music shall be permitted on park premises.
  • No person shall remove plants, wild animals or natural materials found in the park.
  • Rock climbers shall stay on designated climbing access routes and in designated climbing areas only.
  • No deadly weapons are permitted in the park.  A "deadly weapon" is defined as anything designed for lethal use including firearms.  The provisions of Arizona Revised Statutes Section 13-3102 shall apply, unless otherwise expressly provided.
  • It shall be unlawful and a violation of Scottsdale Revised Code Section 19-7 to discharge a firearm in the park.
  • Unlicensed motor vehicles and unlicensed operators thereof shall not be allowed on park premises.  All motor vehicles except those being operated pursuant to the following, shall use surfaced roadways:
  • No motorized vehicle shall be allowed in the park, except in designated parking areas.  This provision shall not apply to: City employees or others authorized by the city to perform inspection, repair or maintenance work; and persons providing emergency, search and rescue, medical or veterinary services; and the use and operation of a motorized wheelchair by a person who ordinarily uses such equipment.
  • No person except as authorized in writing by the City Manager, or designee shall use any park facility or any area in the park, which has been declared "closed" and which has been so posted by the City.
  • The sale of food, beverages and other merchandise is prohibited.
Violation of any of the rules stated above are punishable as civil offenses to class 1   misdemeanors. Specific fines are stated in Ordinance No. 3127 of the Scottsdale Revised Code, Article VIII, pertaining to Pinnacle Peak Park & Trail Head.

Other Use Guidelines

  • Parks & Recreation Division Director will have the authority to temporarily close the trail or trail section for maintenance, hazardous conditions, or high fire hazard.
  • Public picnic reservations will not be permitted.
  • Large group activities will not be encouraged through the provision of special facilities or amenities.