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Frequently Asked Questions

Driving Directions

What is the trail's difficulty?
The trail is considered moderate and not as difficult as Camelbackthis site is not part of the City of Scottsdale web site or Piestawa Peakthis site is not part of the City of Scottsdale web site. Individual fitness levels vary so park visitors must set their own pace.
What is the trail's length?
1.75 miles over to the west end (Jomax trail connection).
1.75 miles back from the west end (Jomax) to the trailhead.
2.00 miles over to the gate on Jomax (and 2 miles back).
What is the total distance over and back?
3.5 miles over and back.
Is it a loop trail?
No. The trail is an OVER AND BACK trail.
How long will it take me to do the trail?
The trail can be done in 1.5 to 2 hours.
Are there restrooms out on the trail?
There are no restrooms beyond the trailhead.

What are the numbered markers along the trail?
They are reference points for emergency access, animal sightings and trail issues.
Can I park my car on the west side of the park (Jomax side)?
Parking is not permitted on the west side of the park on Jomax Road. This is clearly posted and strictly enforced.  Police will issue citations.
Can I remove any wildlife, rock or plant material from the park?
No. All wildlife, rock or plant material must be left within the park.
Are there bike racks in the park?
Although bicycles are not permitted on the trail, cyclists may lock up their bicycles in the bike racks provided at the Trailhead or at the Jomax side connection.
What kinds of wildlife will I see?
If your timing is right, you may see a variety of animals native to the Sonoran desert including desert tortoises, rattlesnakes, gila monsters, coyotes, grey foxes, mule deer, javelina, bobcats, mountain lions, etc. It can be a very rewarding experience to see the wildlife in their natural habitat rather than in captivity.
What is the trailhead's elevation?
2,570 feet—with a 319 foot elevation gain to the trail high point.
What is the highest point on the Trail?
2,889 feet What is the elevation on the west end (Jomax side)? 2,366 feet—with a 523 foot elevation gain to the trail high point.
What is the approximate total elevation gain, counting various ascents on the trail?
Around 1,300 feet.
What is the trail composed of?
Naturally decomposed granite from Pinnacle Peak Mountain.
Who is the architect for the office/trailhead area?
Weddle & Gilmore designed the trailhead structures.