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Traffic Signs, Signals and Traffic Control

ADA Audio Buzzer Request Form - audio crosswalk devices where requested by persons with special needs.

Emergency Response Program - General information about the City of Scottsdale's after hours on-call emergency program.
Flood Warning Devices
- incorporates a solar powered yellow flasher that is activated when the water level reaches four inches in depth.

Multi-way Stop Studies - A stop sign is an effective traffic control device when used at the proper place under appropriate conditions.

Roundabouts - History, safety and how to use a roundabout

Sign Questions - Answers to frequently asked questions about signs.

Signal LED Technology, Battery backup  - Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) for traffic signal lamps is an example of Scottsdale's commitment to innovation and cost savings.

Signal Maintenance and Contacts

Signal Questions - Answers to frequently asked questions about signals.

Signal Warrant Studies, New Left Turn Arrows - Typically left turn arrows reduce delay for left turning vehicles and increase delay for through traffic.

Signal Warrant Studies, New Signals - A thorough study is completed that analyzes the anticipated advantages and disadvantages of the proposed signal.

Speed Limit Studies - Arizona State Law allows local authorities to determine and/or change the maximum speed limit.

Traffic Signal Control System - centrally located computerized traffic signal system monitors and controls more than 280 signals within the city.

Traffic Signal Warrants - Traffic signals are valuable devices for the control of vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Traffic Control Signs - Traffic control signs are devices placed along, beside, or above a highway, roadway, pathway, or other route to guide, warn, and regulate the flow of traffic.