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Photo Enforcement Program

Camera-car The City of Scottsdale has used photo enforcement technology since 1996 to supplement Police Department efforts to reduce red-light running and speeding.  The city today contracts with a vendor (American Traffic Solutions - ATS) to operate photo enforcement cameras at nine fixed locations and in four mobile photo enforcement vans.

Red-light citations are issued only when vehicles enter an intersection after the light has turned red.  Speed citations are issued only when a vehicle is moving at 11 mph or faster above the speed limit, or 6 mph or faster over the limit in school zones.  At the fixed locations at intersections, cameras photograph both red-light runners and speeders.  At mid-block locations, cameras photograph only speeders.

In the summer of 2013, the City of Scottsdale will be changing some of the existing locations where photo enforcement equipment is operated.  The map illustrates the existing locations and the new locations that will be coming online.  The City of Scottsdale will provide a news release and 30 days public notice before each new site becomes active.  This site will also be updated to show the latest changes.

For a map of the Scottsdale Photo Enforcement locations, click here

     Blue - currently installed cameras
     Red - adding in 2013
     Yellow - School Zone (adding in 2013)
     Light Blue - Fixed Speed  

Ever wonder how the Photo Enforcement Cameras work? Watch this video explaining the technology. (You are leaving the City of Scottsdale website to view a video on You Tube.)

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