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Digital Submittal Program

Digital Plan Review enables plan submittal, payment, and staff review/approval to all occur electronically - reducing (and potentially eliminating) trips to the One Stop Shop, ensuring enhanced collaboration, resulting in plans being finalized as effectively and efficiently as possible.

The Arizona Board of Technical Registration at 602-364-4930 governs the minimum requirements for professionals submitting and sealing plans (, see Rules: R4-30-304. Use of Seals). If you do not have a digital signature you can still use this program for plan review. Plan sheets must be imprinted with your seal and expiration date and the words "DRAFT" or "NOT FOR CONSTRUCTION" in lieu of a digital signature. When plans are ready for approval you'll be asked to bring in the seal and signed paper copies for final approval. 

During the digital plan review period, comments made by reviewers will be uploaded as individual reviews are completed. If you so choose, you may make corrections to the drawings without waiting for comments from all reviewers to be completed. Coordination of drawings based on all the comments is your responsibility. Please keep in mind that you will not be able to upload corrections until all reviewers have completed their reviews.

News and Updates

  • All property owners applying for a permit for new construction will be required to submit a properly completed Owner Builder Form (PDF) at plan submittal, before a building permit will be issued.


Current Digital Customers:

Log In - enter your plan check number and keycode to:

- pay fees
- check plan review status
- download redlines,
- upload corrections
- download approved plans (after payment of permit)
- purchase permit
(if plan type is eligible for this service - ask a development service representative

New Digital Customers:

To Begin:

- register for online services
- submit application
- upload plans or bring in hard copies
- "save for later" feature
- view 6 months of your projects

Requirements by Plan Type

Scottsdale Digital Submittal Process

Digital Deferred Fire Submittal Requirements

Digital Plats / Map of Dedications

Digital Pool Submittal Requirements

Digital SFR Submittal Requirements

Digital SFR Solar Systems/Green Requirements

Digital Signs Submittal Requirements

Digital TI Submittal Requirements

Digital Traffic Control Plan Submittal Requirements

Digital Utility Submittal Requirements

Digital Wireless Communication Facility (WCF) Submittal Requirements

Additional Resources

Building Code Hotline: 480-312-2633

Planning and Development Forms

Thank you to all our customers who have helped us to build this program and allowed us to Serve You Better!

Contact Information

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Building Code Hotline
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