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Scottsdale Water honored for management excellence

Scottsdale Water was recognized by the Association of Metropolitan Water Agencieslinks to external site (AMWA) with the Platinum Award for Utility Excellence on Oct. 12 in ceremonies at the association’s 2015 Executive Management Conference in Savannah, Ga.

The Platinum Award is bestowed upon utilities that have proven their exceptional performance through attainment of past AMWA awards and demonstrated outstanding achievement in implementing the nationally recognized Attributes of Effective Utility Management. links to external site

In awarding Scottsdale the prestigious honor, AMWA heralded Scottsdale’s strategic planning and long history of innovation and community support.

“AMWA awards recognize the extraordinary performance of water agencies where management vision and employee commitment create a sustainable utility producing ample supplies of clean, safe drinking water,” said AMWA President Chuck M. Murray, General Manager of Fairfax Water in Virginia. “The communities served by these award winners should be proud of the accomplishments of their forward-thinking, exceptionally well-managed public utilities.”

In addition to providing exceptional quality drinking water and service, Scottsdale Water operates one of the most advanced recycled water facilities in the nation, recharging billions of gallons of ultrapure water into the aquifer since the facility came online in October 1998.

Through aggressive recharge and water supply stewardship, Scottsdale was the first city in Arizona to reach safe yield – putting more water in the aquifer than we take out – and has been doing so every year since 2006.

Scottsdale Water Director Brian K. Biesemeyer, P.E. was in Savannah to accept the award.

“Scottsdale Water has a long history of thinking and acting strategically with our water resources,” said Biesemeyer. “Achieving the Platinum Award for Utility Management Excellence is an extraordinary honor and demonstrates Scottsdale’s long-term commitment to exemplifying our vision of ‘Water sustainability through stewardship, innovation and people.’”

Additional information on Scottsdale Water’s specific accomplishments in each of the ten Effective Utility Management attributes is explained in detail in the Platinum Award application.

About Scottsdale Water

Scottsdale Water – has been providing quality drinking water and advanced reclamation services to Scottsdale businesses and residents for over 40 years.

In 2014, Scottsdale Water delivered an average of 67 million gallons of potable water a day to its customers through over 2,000 miles of water pipes and mains, 14 pressure zones and 10,000 fire hydrants. Scottsdale’s reclamation system has approximately 1,400 miles of sewer collection lines and over 40 lift stations.

Prior to the mid 1980s, Scottsdale relied almost entirely on groundwater for its water supply. Today, Scottsdale Water holds a complex and diverse water portfolio with approximately 90 percent of its drinking water coming from two renewable surface water sources: the Central Arizona Project, which delivers water from the Colorado River, and the Salt River Project, which brings water from the Salt and Verde rivers.

In addition to two traditional reclamation facilities, Scottsdale Water operates the Advanced Water Treatment facility, one of the nation’s first and largest indirect potable reuse facilities. The AWT uses state-of-the-art technologies including microfiltration, reverse osmosis, ozonation and ultraviolet disinfection to produce up to 20 million gallons a day of highly treated recycled water that exceeds drinking water standards.

This water is pumped into the aquifer to augment groundwater supplies and can be delivered to 23 golf courses through the Reclaimed Water Distribution System – a complex system of pipelines and booster pump stations funded through a long-term, public-private partnership. In 2014 alone, Scottsdale Water recharged over 1.7 billion gallons of ultra-pure recycled water into the aquifer.

The division is a water provider and is a financially self-supporting municipal utility with an annual budget of approximately $163.4 million. It is managed by an executive director, who reports to the city manager. City council guides the division’s authority and responsibility through resolutions and ordinances.

About AMWA

AMWA is an organization of the largest publicly owned water utilities in the United States. It is the voice of metropolitan water systems on federal water policy issues, and its programs foster sustainable and innovative utility management.

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