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Thanks go out to the Adopt A Road and independent team leaders and volunteers, who participated in the Keep Scottsdale Beautiful 2017 on April 22nd.

  • 42 groups
  • 345 volunteers
  • cleaned approximately 86 miles of roadway
  • picked up 2 TONS of litter from the community’s roadways

A well-deserved THANK YOU to everyone who contributed!

The next Keep Scottsdale Beautiful Day event is scheduled on National Make A Difference Day, Saturday October 28, 2017!

Group leaders will receive an email invitation to register approximately 8-10 weeks before the event. Until then, please submit a Pre Event Notice form when your group will be on their roadway.

For more information contact the program coordinator at (480) 312-3111.

Volunteer Groups Make the Following Required Commitments

  • Commit to at least a two (2)-year period to the litter pick-up of a specific assigned roadway in either a one (1) or (2) mile increment.
  • Commit to a minimum of three (3) litter pick-ups per year, with the following suggested times of the year in mind:
    • January through March (during peak tourist season)
    • April (during a designated day for Scottsdale Clean and Beautiful Month)
    • October (during the organized Keep Scottsdale Beautiful Day - formerly Treasures 'N Trash )
  • Commit to have the participation of volunteers who are in good health and are able to tolerate normal outdoor activities such as walking and stooping.
  • Commit to have the participation of volunteers who are 12 or older. Volunteers between 12 and 17 must have a parent or guardian's signature on the Participant Agreement Form prior to any activity and must have adult supervision at all times during the clean-up project.
  • Commit to have the participation of volunteers who are not under the influence of alcohol, drugs and/or narcotics while participating in any clean-up project.

To Get Involved as a Volunteer Group

  1. Fill out the Adopt-A-Road - Scottsdale Clean and Scenic Program Application.
  2. Complete the Litter Pick-Up Packet prior to the beginning of every clean-up project. (Includes the Team Leader Checklist, Pre-Event Notice and the Participant Agreement Form)
    • Submission of the Pre-Event Notice one week prior to the beginning of every litter pick-up, helps us to retrieve the filled litter bags on a timely basis and to keep our records up to date.
    • For legal purposes, have all litter pick-up participants sign the Participant Agreement Form prior to the clean-up and submit it immediately following. Groups with the same participants that participate in litter pick-ups on a regular basis (more than three times per year), may submit the Participant Agreement Form once a year.
  3. If needed, litter bags and vests are available for litter clean-ups and can be arranged to be picked up.

Option for Signage

Although not required, volunteer groups have the option of purchasing sign nameplates to help announce their efforts in keeping Scottsdale beautiful. These nameplates are to be placed on signs located at each end of the adopted roadway segment for a $50 total fee. If you wish to do so, please fill out and submit a sign request form along with payment.

The City of Scottsdale Makes a Commitment To:

  • Assign roadways based on availability.
  • Send announcements of city promoted events, such as Keep Scottsdale Beautiful Month and Keep Scottsdale Beautiful Day.
  • Provide safety vests and litter bags for litter pick-ups.
  • Remove filled litter bags promptly after each organized clean-up, if notified prior.