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View the complete list of interactive maps the City of Scottsdale offers.


Scottsdale's GIS Division offers a limited number of shapefiles for free download. Other files and formats are offered for sale through the City's data sales program.


Sample Data Specifications

Format: Standard shapefile format. Each shapefile includes documentation in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format.

Coordinate System: The City of Scottsdale GIS data is stored in a slightly modified version of Arizona State Plane Zone 3176, NAD83 coordinates known as the Scottsdale City Grid. The units of measure are International Feet. For more detailed information on the differences between the two projections, click here. These files overlay correctly with the City on a Disk image mosaic and individual quarter-section images available for purchase.

Downloading: Files are stored in compressed .zip files to speed the download process. You will need to unzip the files before use. There are a number of Zip/Unzip utilities available for download through the Internet.

Updating: Sample GIS data files are recreated weekly to account for changes to the master files that may have occurred in the previous week. Efforts are made to ensure data accuracy, however, please read the Scottsdale Data Disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

Download Datasets Here


File Size
Assessor Book & Map 812377 bytes
Character Areas 59156 bytes
City Boundary Line 46734 bytes
Congressional Districts 48164 bytes
ESLO Landforms 375043 bytes
FEMA Floodplains 816112 bytes
Legislative Districts 50408 bytes
Parks 59377 bytes
Planning Zones 45706 bytes
Preserve 153198 bytes
Quarter Section 84039 bytes
School Districts 44680 bytes
Streets 3346365 bytes
Subdivisions 1916228 bytes
Township-Range-Section 53269 bytes
Zip Code 58025 bytes
Zoning 1280675 bytes



Restrictions Regarding Use:

Scottsdale geographic data can not be redistributed (sales, copies, etc.) in any form without written permission from the City of Scottsdale. Buyers purchasing data specifically for resale or redistribution must negotiate separate arrangements with the City of Scottsdale.

Liability Issues:

All City of Scottsdale geographic data is provided for general information purposes only. The City of Scottsdale does not warrant its accuracy, completeness, or its suitability for any particular purpose, and will not be held liable for problems that arise due to poor data quality or content. It should not be relied upon without proper field verification.

Thank you for your interest in Scottsdale's Geographic Information Systems!