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License and Permitting Categories

Below is a listing of All License/Permits required to operate or do business in the City of Scottsdale.

After Hours Establishment - For any business that is open 1 am - 6 am, which has an onsite retail liquor license and dancing or live entertainment occur.

Alarm Company - For companies installing and/or monitoring residential or business alarms.

Alarm User - For home and business owners with alarm systems.

Amusement Device  -For coin-operated amusement machines or similar devices designed to entertain.

Auction House - For establishments of continuing existence where an auction is held.

Auctioneer - For a person who runs a public sale where property is sold to the highest bidder.

Business/Occupational/Professional - For service oriented businesses located in Scottsdale.

Business Termination - An additional license is required for those firms which are going out of business.

Escort Permit - For the licensing of a person hired to accompany another person to social functions or any place of amusement whether public or private in nature.

Escort Service/Bureau License - For the licensing of any person or company which offers to furnish or refer escorts to patrons or whose principal purpose is to aid individuals to become socially acquainted.

Liquor License - For any establishment selling spirituous beverages.

Liquor license (Special Event) - Temporary approval for a non-profit charity organization to dispense spirituous beverages

Magic Arts Establishment - For palmistry, phrenology, astrology, fortune telling, mind reading, clairvoyancy or other similar calling.

Massage Facility - For the licensing of a business or establishment, in which any massage techniques are administered, practiced, or used.

Massage Therapist - For any person providing and administering massage procedures upon the external parts of the body.

Non-Profit Solicitation - For any qualified, federally designated organization for the purposes of soliciting and receiving donations by various means.

Parade/festival/Carnival - For movable entertainment with rides and side shows or traveling shows with entertainers and wild animals.

Refuse Collector - For companies or individuals who privately contract to collect refuse.

Second Hand/Pawn/Precious Metals - For buying and selling of used merchandise, or any person who lends money at interest on personal property left for security or any person who buys and sells old metal, paper or discarded/damaged items beyond repair.

Solicitor (For Profit) - For persons who, uninvited, go from place to place selling goods and/or services.

Teen Dance Center License - For an establishment that furnishes music for the purpose of social dancing for persons fifteen through twenty years of age.

Teletrack Operator - For persons that hold an Arizona Racing Commission permit and accept bets or wagers on results of pan-mutual horse racing.

Teletrack Wagering Establishment - For establishments at which a teletrack operator accepts bets or wagers on results of horse racing.

Transaction Privilege (Sales) Tax - For the licensing of the collection of tax from the final consumer.

Transient Merchant - For persons or businesses engaged in business at a temporary location for the purpose of selling merchandise or services either privately or publicly.

Valet Parking - A valet parking license is required when someone wishes to operate a valet parking business within the City of Scottsdale.