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Section 6.119. Historic Preservation Plan

A.    Before or within a reasonable time, as determined by the Historic Preservation Officer, following City Council approval of the HP District designation for an historic resource, the applicant and the Historic Preservation Officer shall prepare an Historic Preservation Plan. Such a plan shall:

1.    Identify the geographical location of the HP District, and

2.    Specify the objectives concerning the development or preservation of buildings, sites, objects, structures and landmarks within the HP District, and

3.    Formulate a program for public action including the provision of public facilities and the regulation of private development and demolition necessary to realize these objectives, and

4.    Describe any plans for public access and visitation of the property, including any planned participation in a cultural heritage tourism program, and

5.    Set forth standards necessary to preserve and maintain the historical character of the historic resource. These standards shall include design guidelines that shall apply only to the exterior features of the historic resource.

a.    Each Historic Preservation Plan shall include a general set of standards, reflecting the overall character of the HP District, which shall be used by the Historic Preservation Commission and staff to review applications for the certificates required within the HP District.

b.    When the HP District involves single family residences, the Historic Preservation Plan may include a development agreement and/or a preservation easement.

c.    Upon approval by the City Council, an Historic Preservation Plan may include a specific set of design guidelines that modify the standards set in the underlying zoning district. If any of these provisions are to be contained in design guidelines for an HP District, the guidelines shall be approved according to the procedures for establishing HP Districts, including the public hearing processes before the Planning Commission and the City Council. In the alternative, this specific set of guidelines may be made part of the ordinance establishing the District and placing overlay HP District zoning on the property.

B.    The Historic Preservation Plan must be approved by the Historic Preservation Commission, which may approve or modify the plan proposed by the applicant or the Historic Preservation Officer. The plan approved by the Commission is final unless within twenty (20) days of the date of the approval either the City Council initiates review of the plan or the applicant appeals the Historic Preservation Plan to the City Council. The applicant shall file an appeal with the City Clerk and shall include in the appeal request a brief Statement of the grounds of the appeal and the relief requested.

C.    The City Council shall have the right and prerogative to initiate its own review of any Historic Preservation Plan approved by the Historic Preservation Commission. Such a review must be initiated within twenty (20) days of the Historic Preservation Commission’s approval of the Historic Preservation Plan. Notice of such Council-initiated review of any plan approved by the Historic Preservation Commission shall be given to the applicant and the Historic Preservation Officer by the City Clerk within ten (10) days after the Council votes to initiate a review of the Plan.

D.    The City Clerk shall schedule the appeal for a City Council agenda not more than forty (40) or less than fifteen (15) days following submittal of the appeal. The City Council at its meeting shall uphold, modify, or remand for further consideration the plan approved by the Commission. The decision of the City Council shall be final.