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Related Green Links

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Arizona Energy Office not part of the City of Scottsdale web siteimplements policies and programs that contribute to the efficient development and utilization of energy, helping to achieve a sustainable economy and environment for Arizona.

Solstice not part of the City of Scottsdale web site-   "Solstice is the Internet information service of the Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology (CREST), and is a site for Sustainable Energy and Development Information."

SWEEPnot part of the City of Scottsdale web site -  The Southwest Energy Efficiency Project is a new public interest initiative promoting greater energy efficiency in a six-state region that includes:  Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming.  The website inclused information about SWEEP and its activities, as well as fact sheets,case studies, and information about energy efficiency policies and programs in the Southwest.  News on energy efficiency efforts in the region will be added later.

Tucson/Pima County Metropolitan Energy Commissionnot part of the City of Scottsdale web site - The Metropolitan Energy Commission was established in 1980 with the mission of "serving as a catalyst for the City of Tucson and Pima County to build a more sustainable energy future in the region." The Commission has been instrumental in developing the Tucson Solar Village or Civano Project and has completed the strategic Energy Plan for the area.  This site also contains sustainable construction strategies for the Sonoran Desert region.


Solar Energy

Arizona Solar Centernot part of the City of Scottsdale web site - This is your source for information on solar energy in Arizona.

GoingSolar not part of the City of Scottsdale web site  - Sponsored by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council, this site provides information and help for those interested in using solar energy in their communities. It features a model education kit that includes videos, radio public service announcements, fact sheets, brochures, videos, photos, and posters. GoingSolar also houses a listserve and archive for information exchange for community leaders interested in sharing information.


Green Building Programs

U.S. Green Building Councilnot part of the City of Scottsdale web site -  This is the official site of the U.S. Green Building Council.  "The  Council fulfills the need for a single entity to provide the diffracted building industry with integration, leadership, and education. Since its formation in 1993, the US Green Building Council has filled this vital need in the U.S. building industry, becoming the center for debate and action on environmental issues facing the industry's multiple interests."

City of Austin Texas not part of the City of Scottsdale web site-  Austin has a comprehensive, nationally known program that addresses residential and commercial construction.  Their web site contains a lot of information useful to anyone interested in green building.

City of San Jose, CAnot part of the City of Scottsdale web site   - The Green Building Program of San Jose offers the opportunity to create environmentally sound and resource-efficient buildings and homes by using an integrated approach design.


Materials & Components

Center for Resourceful Building Technology not part of the City of Scottsdale web site- CRBT is dedicated to promoting environmentally responsible practices in construction. It works to serve as both catalyst and facilitator in encouraging building technologies which realize a sustainable and efficient use of resources. CRBT actively promotes resource efficiency in building design, materials selection and construction practices through research, education and demonstration.

Green Building Resources Guide not part of the City of Scottsdale web site-  A database of over 600 green building materials and products selected specifically for their usefulness to the design and building profession rather than merely their green material content."   Maintained by The Architectural Machine, Redwood City, California.

Oikos: Green Building Sourcenot part of the City of Scottsdale web site -  Oikos is a Greek word meaning house.  Oikos is devoted to serving professionals whose work promotes sustainable design and construction."  The site contains green building products and a green building library.  It is maintained by Iris Communications, Inc.

Public Technology Inc. Green Building Technologiesnot part of the City of Scottsdale web site- This resource describes major building components applicable to residential and small commercial buildings in six major system categories.  It also contains an excellent list of links to other Green Building Programs and Case Studies.


Demonstration Projects

Eco-Building not part of the City of Scottsdale web site- An ecological demonstration building project under construction in Phoenix, Arizona. The project will serve as an innovative office facility for the Arizona Army National Guard by incorporating to the fullest extent feasible self-sustaining and pollution prevention principles. The project will expand upon successes and embody them in similar projects throughout the Agency.

Natural Homenot part of the City of Scottsdale web site- An online magazine that features several residential projects each month.  This site also covers products and techniques, as well as ideas for sustainable living.


Remodeling and Deconstruction

Alameda Countynot part of the City of Scottsdale web site- Alameda County Waste Management Authority & Source Reduction and Recycling Board has put together a comprenshive remodel guide.  Please refer to the guide for  ideas and explantions of green remodeling.

The Eco-Logic Foundation, Incnot part of the City of Scottsdale web site.- Acts as a collector of and clearinghouse for reuseable building materials and manages the distribution of the goods to local charities and non-profit organizations.  The organization is dedicated to eliminating waste in the construction industry and educating the public to reuse building materials.


Sonoran Desert

Sonoran Desertnot part of the City of Scottsdale web site - This site maintained by Desert USA gives a description of the Sonoran Desert and its  unique characteristics including climate, plants, animals, geology, and the people and their cultures.

Desert Naturalistnot part of the City of Scottsdale web site - The Sonoran Desert of Southern Arizona and Northwestern Mexico is well known for its beauty and many spectacular and grand cacti. The abundant cacti and other succulents simply defy the harsh climate with exuberant biodiversity. Few realize just how diverse and fascinating are the many other kinds of flora and fauna that also call this area home. The purpose of the The Sonoran Desert Naturalist, is to bring that experience to the Internet visitor, and to encourage all to come and make some discoveries. With an appreciation and love for all that the Sonoran Desert has to offer, hopefully we can safeguard it for our children and their children.


Other Related Resources

Housing Zone not part of the City of Scottsdale web site- This green building section of the Housing Zone site focuses on green building trends in the residential home building industry. The Green Building section is updated every business day by 2 P.M. eastern standard time.

Sustainable Sourcesnot part of the City of Scottsdale web site -   Sustainably built homes are the wave of the future, and some have technology so new that Realtors may not yet be up to speed.  Help your Realtor by listing in Sustainable Sources.  Your ad will be seen by people who know green building.   As a long time leader in green building information, Sustainable Sources is uniquely positioned to connect buyers with sellers.

Arizona Environmental Strategic Alliance not part of the City of Scottsdale web site(AESA) An Alliance of business and government organizations which model environmental performance, stewardship and leadership.