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Free Green Building Lectures

The City of Scottsdale's Green Building Program advocates responsible use of our natural resources in the design and construction of our built environment. Each lecture will address one of the many green building topics that demonstrate energy/resource efficient, healthy, and environmentally responsible building practices.

Next Lecture - June 5, 2014



Innovative Green Projects

7:00 to 8:30 PM
Scottsdale Granite Reef Senior Center
1700 N. Granite Reef Rd.
(NW corner of McDowell & Granite Reef, N/O convenience store)

Who are some of the local creative agents working to create new building prototypes for the 21st century? What are the innovative features of these projects? Come see and hear about successes with innovative residential and commercial projects that exemplify principles of resource conservation, energy independence and healthy living.


June_GB_SpeakerChristina Noble, AIA, LEED AP, Contour Architecture – Scottsdale Creative Arts Center
As founder of Contour Architecture, Christina Noble designs creative spaces for downtown places. With a background in community-focused architecture, she has a special affection for projects focused on revitalizing communities through sensitive, inclusive and sustainable design. Christina specializes in mixed-use developments that contribute to a walkable urban environment. Christina is a fifth-generation Arizona native who feels passionately about making a difference in her local community – through the projects she completes as well as active engagement with various community groups. Christina frequently writes about design and architecture for the American Institute of Architects and serves as the Editor-in-Chief of Forum, an AIA Arizona architecture and design journal.

GB_Speaker3Matthew Salenger, AIA, coLAB studio – Vali Homes
Matthew Salenger is an artist and architect. He was raised on the island of Maui and works and lives in Tempe, Arizona. He attended college at Arizona State University and The Architectural Association of London, and completed a Masters Degree in Architecture and a Minor in Fine Art. Matthew co-founded colab studio, llc in 1999, which has won over 25 major design awards for residential and commercial architecture, as well as public art. He has also produced over 25 public art projects, and exhibited his artwork locally, nationally, and internationally. Matthew is on the Arizona Phoenix Metro American Institute of Architects Executive Board, the Roosevelt Row CDC Executive Board, and has served on the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art Advisory Committee and Acquisition Committee. He also co-founded the Urban Choices Group, an interdisciplinary group of professionals dedicated to improving thriving downtown areas in Arizona. 

GB_Speaker_June3Austin Trautman - Vali Homes
Austin Trautman is a perpetual student of green building and all things sustainable, with an unstoppable childhood ability to always ask "Why?". After completing a bachelors’ degree in Exercise Physiology at ASU and contemplating medical school Austin turned his scientific background and sense of objective inquisition towards another critical aspect of daily life, the built environment. Austin founded vali homes in 2011 and has since dedicated his time to understand what can make our homes more durable, comfortable, rewarding and generally better for life and the environment. This search has so far culminated in the “prototype” home, built in a collaboration with colab studio and 180 degrees design + build, built to show a cost effective model for the next generation of homes in Arizona. Austin believes firmly in an integrated process revolving around the collective knowledge of all parties involved in a project. His latest collaboration has received extensive recognition; LEED Platinum certification, front page story in the Arizona Republic, AIA Arizona home tour, Arizona Solar Homes tour, multiple mentions in local TV news stories and other online publications.

GB_Speaker_June4Robert L. Boscamp - PowerParasol
Bob is an experienced entrepreneur and visionary leader who successfully launched, managed and sold multiple national companies whose products and services are still delivered today. For 34 years Bob served the electric and gas utility industries with innovative products and services focused on energy education, conservation, and environmental preservation. He created the first home energy analysis program approved by the U.S. Department of Energy for compliance with the 1979 National Energy Act and national award winning “In Concert with the Environment” program. Bob also served as President and CEO at Axiom Power Solutions, a non-regulated subsidiary of Arizona Public Service’s (APS) parent company Pinnacle West Capital. Bob is nationally recognized energy industry speaker and author on energy conservation, education and demand-side management programs and has spent over 20 years as an ASU W.P. Carey Center for Services Leadership Advisory Board member. Bob’s educational background includes a BA in Education and graduate level studies in business and education at Arizona State University.

The lectures are free and open to the public. RSVPs are not needed. For more information, call 480-312-3111. 

Download (pdf/693kb) the Season Schedule.


Lecture location  

Granite Reef Senior Center
1700 N. Granite Reef Road

(NW corner Granite Reef and McDowell Road, immediately north of AM/PM convenience store)

Season Schedule 2013-2014

October 3, 2013 - Energize Phoenix: Successes and Lessons for the Valley
The city of Phoenix was awarded a $25 million federal grant to launch the Energize Phoenix program in partnership with ASU and with support from APS. The Energize Phoenix program saves energy, creates jobs and is transforming a diverse array of neighborhoods along a 10-mile stretch of the Metro light rail. The Energize Phoenix program goal is to reduce home energy consumption by up to 30% and reduce commercial energy use by up to 18% using an array of both proven and innovative measures. Hear about program achievements, lessons learned and recommendations that apply to communities in the greater Phoenix metro area.

November 7, 2013 - 2030 District
2030 Districts are designated commercial and mixed use urban areas that commit to meeting energy, water, and transportation emission reduction targets. Hear how the private sector in a number of communities around the country are engaging leveraged financing and shared resources to create a place-based model for sustainable urban planning, design and construction.

December 5, 2013 - Smart Energy Technologies
Can energy dash boards, smart thermostats, lighting technologies and the smart grid reduce or even reverse negative impacts on our natural resources and environment? Hear about new and cutting-edge technologies that reduce our energy consumption, curtail our reliance on external energy sources and lower our energy bills.

February 6, 2014 - Urban Gardens and Edible Landscapes
Join urban gardeners as they share the benefits and how-to's of growing your own healthy food, herbs, edible flowers and fruit trees in our desert environment. Learn about our planting and harvesting seasons and how easy it is to raise chickens in your back yard. Find out about the wide range of community gardens available for you to participate in and how school gardens provide students with valuable skills. Come join in the conversation and be inspired to grow.

March 6, 2014 - Water Resource Conservation versus Efficiency
Did you know that in a residential setting, up to 70% of city-supplied potable water is used for landscape irrigation and 30% of the remainder is used for flushing toilets? Learn about EPA’s WaterSense labeled plumbing products and irrigation technologies that can reduce your water consumption by 20-30%. Hear about hydrozoning and creating landscape areas based on water needs of plant materials, soil and site location while providing for a healthy and attractive environment.

April 3, 2014 - Green Deconstruction: Closing the Material Loop
Deconstruction represents the first important element of green remodeling by reversing the building process through disassembly and salvaging material for reuse and recycling. Hear about useful and unique materials in older buildings that can provide for aesthetic character and design opportunities. Learn how reusing materials or donating/selling salvaged materials reduce waste, disposal cost and the pollution and energy associated with producing new materials.

May 1, 2014 - Economic Value of Green: Disclosure and Empowerment
When we buy a car, we look at the MPG.  When we buy a house, a much more financially significant purchase, what do we know about its operating cost?  How can the savvy home buyer compare the “MPG” of homes?  How can the savvy home seller – who has invested in green building or remodeling – maximize return on investment?  Learn about tools available to home buyers and sellers.

June 5, 2014 - Innovative Green Built Projects
Showcase of residential and commercial projects in the greater Scottsdale/ Phoenix area that exemplify principles conveyed in the lecture series.

For more information on the Green Building Lecture series please call 480-312-3111.

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