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Program Incentives


  Good for business 
     Good for your customer
         Good for the environment  


Priority plan review - All qualified green building projects receive fast track plan review service.  This means green building projects receive building permits in half the time as regular projects depending on degree of complexity.  Development process assistance is offered in the resolution of compliance issues.                     

Job site signs - City green building construction job site signs are available to distinguish projects involved in the program. This serves as a billboard that informs the general public of the builder’s commitment to environmentally responsible building and the long-term health of the community.

Directory of participating designers and builders - Participating architects, designers and builders are listed and published in promotional materials. This material is on the city web and is a part of the green building information packet which is distributed at public events and mailed out to the general public on request.

Green building certification through inspections - The City provides a series of green building inspections during the course of construction to ensure the project is following prescribed guidelines. From a home buyer’s perspective, this extra inspection process ensures a superior quality product as compared to typical building projects. Upon successful completion of the project, a green building certificate is awarded.

Homeowner’s manual - A homeowner’s manual explaining the green building features is presented to the builder for transfer to the building owner. The manual is in layman’s terms and helps to describe the uniqueness of each project.

Promotional package for builders/developers- Promotional packages include green building logo for ads, brochures, and abbreviated green building checklists. The Green Building Program provides additional media coverage in the form of press releases and articles in the local news media, including the City Cable Channel 11, Tribune, Arizona Republic, and Scottsdale Independent.

Educational programs -  The City of Scottsdale sponsors green building lectures and seminars. That serve as an introduction to energy/ resource efficient and environmentally responsible buildings.  These programs feature information and resources in the areas of site use, energy, building materials, indoor air quality, water and solid waste reduction.