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Scottsdale’s current Public Services & Facilities Element (PDF/760kb/16pps) was ratified as part of the City of Scottsdale General Plan 2001. The Scottsdale General Plan 2014 Task Force members utilized this document to create the Draft Safety Element (PDF/322kb/5pps) that will be incorporated into the draft SGP2014. This survey serves as means for you to give your input on the draft Safety Element.

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Draft Safety Element
Please read the Safety Element Introduction and Goals and Policies below, then rate and/or comment on each.
INTRODUCTION The safety level of a community is critical to quality of life, community health and economic vitality. Scottsdale is consistently rated as one of the safest communities in the nation, boasting low crime rates and few natural disasters. As the community continues to evolve, providing superior public safety resources for residents and visitors is crucial in maintaining Scottsdale’s image as a livable community and premier destination city. (NEW)
Although Scottsdale is nationally-recognized for safety, it is not immune from disaster. Hazards such as flash flooding, brush fires, power outages, and other major threats can occur at any time with little or no warning. Management of these emergencies involves four phases: prevention and mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. (NEW)
Scottsdale is committed to protecting citizens and visitors from conditions, circumstances and influences that would threaten, disrupt or diminish the quality of their lifestyles. The goals and policies of the Safety Element will ensure that the community is prepared and resilient when faced with disaster, and that our human habitat is safe and enjoyable for all.
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GOAL S 1. Prevent hazards and mitigate physical risks to all Scottsdale citizens, visitors, and properties.
POLICIES S 1.1 Educate and support the general public in preventing accidents and injuries.
S 1.2 Support and comply with all regional and national laws, regulations, and programs, designed to protect the public from potential natural and man-made hazards and disasters.
S 1.3 (NEW) Regularly review and update all public codes according to best practices and current structural engineering standards.
S 1.4 (NEW) Research and maintain information about emerging hazards, such as terrorism threats, geologic hazards and electrical failures.
S 1.5 (NEW) Identify and replace vulnerable infrastructure and critical service lifelines (e.g. electricity).
S 1.6 (NEW) Ensure private property is maintained to minimize vulnerability to fire hazards and reduce overall fire hazard risks.
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GOAL S 2. (NEW) Be prepared for the onset of disasters and emergencies.
POLICIES S 2.1 (NEW) Provide education and emergency preparedness and response training at the neighborhood level.
S 2.2 (NEW) Regularly conduct community-wide and regional preparedness drills.
S 2.3 (NEW) Enhance the community’s communication capabilities in preparation for all phases of a disaster, particularly in the high-contact period immediately following a disaster.
S 2.4 (NEW) Continue to conduct fire-safety planning and fire preparedness and prevention programs, including stringent fire codes, infrastructure improvements, defensible space standards, and regional emergency management coordination.
S 2.5 (NEW) Continue to build a support system for Scottsdale’s elderly population by providing outreach, education and notification through senior centers, faith-based organizations, local businesses, etc.
S 2.6 (NEW) Continue to build a widespread culture of emergency preparedness.
S 2.7 (NEW) Continue to prepare for water-related emergencies and ensure a safe and reliable water supply during an emergency situation.
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GOAL S 3 (NEW) Deliver effective and efficient response for emergencies and disasters.
POLICIES S 3.1 Provide public safety facilities, information and training programs to minimize response times and maximize effectiveness in responding to natural and man-made hazards.
S 3.2 (NEW) Train multi-lingual personnel to assist in evacuation of residents and visitors, as well as for other emergency response activities.
S 3.3 (NEW) Coordinate with hotels, resorts and special event managers to effectively respond to emergencies involving or affecting visitors.
S 3.4 (NEW) Identify emergency evacuation routes and effectively communicate the information to the public.
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GOAL S 4. (NEW) Prepare for the short and long-term recovery of the community after disaster events.
POLICIES S 4.1 (NEW) Develop a framework for recovery that identifies priorities for reinstatement of critical infrastructure and other physical assets, services, and functions throughout the community.
S 4.2 (NEW) Prepare city staff for official roles in emergency response and recovery.
S 4.3 (NEW) Work with regional entities, hospitals, faith-based organizations, schools, community groups, and large employers to ensure continuity of operations after a disaster occurs.
S 4.4 (NEW) Engage the community in the reconstruction planning process.
S 4.5 (NEW) When appropriate, expedite neighborhood repair, reconstruction and rebuilding to facilitate resident return to their neighborhoods.
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GOAL S 5 (NEW) Maintain safe airspace and transportation systems.
POLICIES S 5.1 Manage the Scottsdale Airport through high quality safety and security programs that protect airport users, surrounding neighborhoods and nearby properties.
S 5.2 (NEW) Maintain clear zones within the key safety areas around the Scottsdale Airport.
S 5.3 Design, develop, and manage Scottsdale's transportation projects and traffic control systems with public safety as an overriding concern.
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GOAL S 6 Protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public from the impacts of flooding.
POLICIES S 6.1 Identify the city’s drainage system needs and make improvements where flood control problems exist.
S 6.2 Mitigate watercourse obstructions resulting from natural causes, and restrict watercourse obstructions resulting from man-made causes.
S 6.3 Design and construct watercourse and drainage system street crossings where feasible, to promote traffic safety.
S 6.4 Manage the city’s floodplains consistent with the requirements of participation in the National Flood Insurance Program, FEMA’s Community Rating System, and all other applicable federal, state, and regional regulations, standards and practices.
S 6.5 (NEW) Locate critical facilities outside of the 100-year floodplain.
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GOAL S 7 (NEW) Maintain Scottsdale as a safe community through crime prevention.
POLICIES S 7.1 Encourage the use of crime prevention strategies in the design and redevelopment of all areas of the city.
S 7.2 (NEW) Implement enhanced crime tracking, trending, and predictive modeling to reduce crime and increase offender apprehension.
S 7.3 (NEW) Continue to embrace new communication platforms, such as social media, to deliver timely crime prevention strategies and increased security awareness.
S 7.4 (NEW) Focus on increased crime prevention associated with visitor safety and security via event planning and management programs.
S 7.5 (NEW) Create community participation and partnerships to reduce crime and develop safer neighborhoods.
S 7.6 (NEW) Continue to locate and design police facilities in a manner that will enhance the effective, efficient and responsive performance of police functions throughout the city.
S 7.7 (NEW) Enhance collaboration between public safety providers and the city’s Planning Agency to incorporate best development practices in reducing crime by such means as improved lighting, building orientation, neighborhood ingresses and egresses, and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED).
S 7.8 (NEW) Continue the city’s efforts in ensuring that Scottsdale’s schools and school-aged children are safe.
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GOAL S 8 (NEW) Promote the safe handling, storage and disposal of hazardous materials.
POLICIES S 8.1 Properly manage hazardous materials and contaminants to minimize their potential harm to people and the environment.
S 8.2 Minimize the use of toxic and hazardous materials within the city and encourage the use of alternative materials and practices that are environmentally safe.
S 8.3 Continue working with appropriate agencies to clean up hazardous waste.
S 8.4 (NEW) Provide training opportunities and educational materials on hazardous waste management.
S 8.5 (NEW) Develop a plan for the transport of hazardous waste.
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If there are additional Safety Goals and Policies that you feel should be added, please list them in the box below.
New/Additional Goals and Policies:

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