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Draft Public Services and Facilities

Scottsdale’s current Public Services & Facilities Element (PDF/760kb/16pp) was ratified as part of the City of Scottsdale General Plan 2001. The Scottsdale General Plan 2014 Task Force members utilized this document to create the Draft Public Services and Facilities Element (PDF/320kb/5pps) that will be incorporated into the draft SGP2014. This survey serves as means for you to give your input on the draft Public Services and Facilities Element.

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Draft Public Services & Facilities Element
Please read the Public Services & Facilities Element Introduction and Goals and Policies below, then rate and/or comment on each.
INTRODUCTION Scottsdale provides high quality community services to its residents, businesses, and visitors. These services include, but are not limited to, refuse disposal, recycling, human services, local utilities, and libraries. The city continually pursues new ways to deliver these services in the most efficient and cost-effective manner, ensuring that levels of service are maintained, and wherever possible, enhanced according to the variable needs of a geographically and economically diverse population.
Demand for public and human services like child and senior care, education, utilities, public safety and emergency services continue to fluctuate with the population. Technology has changed the way services are provided, while other public entities, nonprofit agencies, or private companies provide services that were once provided only by government. The growing emphasis is now and in the future will be focused on partnerships and coordination efforts to effectively address the increasingly complex needs of the community.
The Public Services and Facilities Element provides broad guidance about the provision of programs, services and physical facilities that serve to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the community.
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GOAL PSF 1. Maintain an innovative, sustainable solid waste collection, recycling, and disposal delivery system.
POLICIES PSF 1.1 Continually seek new, cost effective, and environmentally-friendly methods of solid waste collection and disposal.
PSF 1.2 Promote waste reduction, reuse and recycling programs to divert refuse from the landfills.
PSF 1.3 Seek new recycling options to enhance the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the recycling program.
PSF 1.4 Promote household composting to reduce the amount of biodegradable waste going to the landfill.
PSF 1.5 Encourage the use of reusable and recyclable goods through incentive programs, educational displays and activities, and city purchasing policies and practices.
PSF 1.6 Continue the household hazardous waste and electronics collection programs to ensure safe disposal practices.
PSF 1.7 (NEW) All solid waste collection and disposal activities will comply with applicable county, state, and federal rules, regulations and statutes.
PSF 1.8 (NEW) Provide a diverse selection of services that meet the solid waste disposal needs throughout the community.
PSF 1.9 (NEW) Use Scottsdale’s Transfer Station to reduce miles driven by solid waste collection vehicles, improve operational efficiency, and expand the options for future disposal sites.
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GOAL PSF 2 Provide and maintain utility and infrastructure systems that match the character of Scottsdale, and deliver reliable, efficient service for citizens, visitors, and businesses.
POLICIES PSF 2.1 Cooperate with all utility companies in the provision of services throughout the community and the installation and maintenance of facilities in their respective franchise areas.
PSF 2.2 Minimize the visual impact of existing and proposed utility facilities.
PSF 2.3 Underground all new, and encourage undergrounding of all existing, 69kV and lower voltage electrical lines.
PSF 2.4 Locate utilities outside of washes and drainage easements.
PSF 2.5 Encourage access to technology by supporting the expansion of telecommunications services and choices, as well as, supporting integration of future technologies to remain flexible to changing community preferences and demographics.
PSF 2.6 (NEW) Provide and maintain adequate water, wastewater, and stormwater services to areas currently served by the city.
PSF 2.7 (NEW) Ensure that public facilities and infrastructure are designed and constructed to meet ultimate capacity so as to avoid the need for future upsizing.
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GOAL PSF 3 (NEW) Efficiently plan for and manage infrastructure, facilities and public service operations.
PSF 3.1 Analyze relevant public service operations and facilities for the whole city, and identify the most efficient use of available resources to maintain and replace infrastructure.
PSF 3.2 Prioritize new facilities and service operations based on those areas in greatest need.
PSF 3.3 Apply the same methods for determining public service and facility needs to all areas of the city.
PSF 3.4 (NEW) Upgrade city infrastructure service levels, whenever feasible, and comply with local, state and federal regulatory requirements.
PSF 3.5 (NEW) Explore alternative mechanisms and public-private partnerships to fund and/or provide public services and facilities.
PSF 3.6 (NEW) Ensure infrastructure, facilities, and public services grow in proportion with the community to maintain the same or superior levels of services and adequate facilities to support the growing population.
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GOAL PSF 4 Provide a state-of-the art library system that serves the community’s informational, educational, and creative aspirations.
POLICIES PSF 4.1 Accommodate the technological needs of the community by building a robust and accessible library technology infrastructure that will support future changes in technology.
PSF 4.2 Adapt to the changing needs of the community with contemporary service models to facilitate effective and efficient communication and information delivery.
PSF 4.3 Focus on youth and their families as essential customers of library services through enrichment, early literacy and school readiness programming.
PSF 4.4 Partner with other libraries and recreational service providers to ensure efficient service delivery, and collaborate with community agencies to market library resources to specialized audiences.
PSF 4.5 Use libraries as community resources for education, public meetings, social gathering, and idea sharing, as wells as, for reading and quiet study.
PSF 4.6 (NEW) Cultivate multi-lingual, English as a Second Language (ESL), and non-English speaking library customers by providing programs and materials of interest to various cultures.
PSF 4.7 (NEW) Support and develop partnerships, collaboration and growth of library services to encourage neighborhood/community building.
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GOAL PSF 5 Partner with other jurisdictions and agencies to achieve maximum efficiency in city service delivery.
POLICIES PSF 5.1 Encourage partnerships to seek effective solutions to shared problems and community service needs.
PSF 5.2 Cooperate with neighboring communities in providing municipal services, such as police and fire protection, human services, libraries, and recreation.
PSF 5.3 Maintain a close collaborative relationship with all school districts that serve the Scottsdale area to maximize the use of school services and facilities for public benefit.
PSF 5.4 Encourage active participation of local businesses in the provision of community services.
PSF 5.5 Coordinate services locally and regionally with other public agencies, non-profits, and the private sector to reduce overlap and maximize resources.
PSF 5.6 Maximize community resources by brokering services and/or space to non-profits in city facilities and community centers.
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GOAL PSF 6 Provide an integrated system of human services, resources, and opportunities to help Scottsdale residents of all ages improve their lives, the lives of others, neighborhoods, and the total community.
POLICIES PSF 6.1 Allocate financial resources where human services are needed.
PSF 6.2 Provide immediate assistance to Scottsdale citizens in need of economic and emotional emergency services.
PSF 6.3 Ensure that Scottsdale citizens with disabilities have equitable access to facilities, services, transportation, education, training, and employment.
PSF 6.4 Identify existing or potential locations for care centers to provide for human service needs (for families, youth, senior citizens, victims of domestic violence, homeless and persons with disabilities) in public facilities.
PSF 6.5 Consider human service needs in future plans for city services and facilities, such as transportation, parks, libraries, and water resources.
PSF 6.6 Provide human services throughout the city in facilities that are appropriate to the type of service provided.
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If there are additional Public Services & Facilities Goals and Policies that you feel should be added, please list them in the box below.
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