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Althought the Healthy, Happy Community Element is a new element created by Scottsdale’s 2014 General Plan Task Force, it does include some policies carried over from the current Public Services & Facilities Element (PDF/760kb/16pps) that was ratified as part of the City of Scottsdale General Plan 2001. The Scottsdale General Plan 2014 Task Force members worked to create the Draft Healthy, Happy Community Element (PDF/458kb/6pps) that will be incorporated into the draft SGP2014. This survey serves as means for you to give your input on the draft Healthy, Happy Community Element.

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Draft Healthy, Happy Community Element
Please read the Healthy, Happy Community Element Introduction and Goals and Policies below, then rate and/or comment on each.
INTRODUCTION Scottsdale has long been viewed as a healthy community. Clean air, sunshine and natural desert beauty were responsible for attracting early settlers to the city. The warm, dry desert air made Scottsdale a magnet for East Coast and Midwestern health seekers searching for relief from ailments such as tuberculosis, asthma and consumption. This trend is still prevalent today, with tourists and residents escaping the somber gray skies from elsewhere in the country for abundant sunshine, as well as, seeking rejuvenation in our many resorts and spas. The health and happiness of a community, however, involves more than just remedy for ailments. A healthy, happy community balances adequate healthcare services and prevention aids, with the physical, social, cultural and environmental needs of all community members. (NEW)
Today, Scottsdale has one of the largest per capita senior citizen populations in the country. The community celebrates its increased human longevity and prepares for future generations of retirees through intergenerational opportunities, providing a continuum of care and offering activities that allow seniors to age-in-place gracefully. Nonetheless, Scottsdale has been recognized several times over for its community-wide efforts to improve the well-being of local youth and families. Scottsdale shows commitment to these efforts by providing classes and programs for children, sports and recreation programs, critical services, and by promoting family self-sufficiency. (NEW)
Scottsdale’s citizens have long valued that every resident should be happy, afforded the opportunity to participate equally at all levels, and share in all aspects of health and human services. As such, Scottsdale has maintained an advantageous culture of wellness and a high-quality system of healthcare and human services that work to foster the community’s healthy neighborhoods. While the city aspires to provide services for all of its residents and families, it is impossible for government to address every aspect of human need in Scottsdale. As the population continues to evolve, it will be critical for the private sector, non-profits and schools to provide services, activities and care to various facets of the community. (NEW)
Through the goals and policies of the Healthy, Happy Community Element, Scottsdale will maintain a leadership role in providing healthcare for all citizens, respond to the needs of families, take care of our neighbors and our elders, promote lifelong learning, and provide opportunities for youth to grow and become leaders in the community of our future. (NEW)
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GOAL HHC 1 (NEW) Provide for the health care and human service needs of all citizens of Scottsdale.
POLICIES HHC 1.1 (NEW) Identify health care facility service area needs, and facilitate the development of new and promote the preservation and enhancement of existing health care facilities, particularly in areas that are underserved.
HHC 1.2 (NEW) Encourage new health care facilities to locate in proximity to existing or planned public transit services and encourage transit providers to provide new or enhance existing services to the health care facility.
HHC 1.3 Work with hospital administrators in planning for and developing facilities of the most suitable size, location, quality, and type appropriate for the delivery of all kinds health services (such as: emergency, critical care, inpatient, out-patient, treatment, and wellness) for the community's citizens and visitors.
HHC 1.4 Ensure that basic levels of environmental health and human services are provided for all socio-economic levels within the community.
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GOAL HHC 2 (NEW) Strive to provide access to healthy, local food resources for all neighborhoods.
POLICIES HHC 2.1 (NEW) Promote fresh food markets as an important part of neighborhood retail centers.
HHC 2.2 (NEW) Identify opportunities and locations throughout the community for community gardens, farmers markets, and other local food sources.
HHC 2.3 (NEW) Consider using city land, including parks and surplus property, to expand our capacity to grow, process, distribute, and access local foods.
HHC 2.4 (NEW) Work collaboratively with regional partners and local organizations to assess and identify food deserts and resources to access healthy food.
HHC 2.5 (NEW) Support gardening and local food production in backyards, on green roofs, and within private courtyards/communal spaces.
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GOAL HHC 3 (NEW) Build upon Scottsdale’s leadership role in wellness and healthful living.
POLICIES HHC 3.1 (NEW) Provide quality recreation and neighborhood services that increase frequency of exercise, foster physical activity and encourage healthful living.
HHC 3.2 (NEW) Encourage private recreation facilities such as fitness centers, swim clubs, tennis clubs, and golf courses as complements to the city’s cache of public facilities.
HHC 3.3 (NEW) Support healthy, active lifestyles by continuing to provide walking, biking, and recreation facilities throughout the city.
HHC 3.4 (NEW) Develop and maintain city programs and education opportunities that encourage healthful lifestyle choices and potentially diminish the demand for non-preventative health care services.
HHC 3.5 (NEW) Publicize the health-related successes of the city, residents and local employers to the media.
HHC 3.6 (NEW) Continue to foster and market Scottsdale as a resort, spa, wellness, rejuvenation and cure destination.
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GOAL HHC 4 (NEW) Strengthen educational and life-long learning opportunities for all Scottsdale residents.
POLICIES HHC 4.1 (NEW) Encourage life-long learning opportunities by partnering with local community colleges, universities and other institutions of higher learning.
HHC 4.2 (NEW) Promote libraries, community centers, and other existing city facilities throughout the city as centers for learning and mental growth.
HHC 4.3 Support a variety of education facilities including but not limited to, public, private, parochial, charter and trade/technical schools.
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GOAL HHC 5 (NEW) Promote Scottsdale as a city that is welcoming to and supportive of people of all ages, cultures, incomes, abilities, backgrounds and lifestyles.
POLICIES HHC 5.1 Recognize diversity in Scottsdale and cultivate a community where differences are valued, respected and embraced.
HHC 5.2 (NEW) Celebrate diversity through community activities and events that recognize different groups, bringing people together to experience and learn about ethnic and cultural traditions.
HHC 5.3 (NEW) Improve access to city and community programs that allow people to receive the services they need.
HHC 5.4 (NEW) Promote social interaction between different generations.
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GOAL HHC 6 (NEW) Accommodate the physical, social, and economic needs of Scottsdale’s senior citizen population.
POLICIES HHC 6.1 Address the increasing needs of Scottsdale’s senior citizen population by:  Providing opportunities for older citizens to interact with the community;  Promoting a variety of choices in residential living options;  Supporting and promoting the provision of elder care services by public and private providers, including employers; and  Addressing the changing mobility needs of this segment of the community.
HHC 6.2 (NEW) Work collaboratively with public and private sector partners to plan for the housing, health, employment, transportation, recreational, educational, cultural, and other needs of Scottsdale’s population as it ages.
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GOAL HHC 7 (NEW) Foster a happy, caring community where people are involved in community life, where citizens help each other, and where all generations and families are nurtured and supported.
POLICIES HHC 7.1 Create a sense of belonging among those who live in and visit Scottsdale by:  Promoting opportunities that bring people together;  Enhancing possibilities for intergenerational activities; and  Encouraging broad participation in local neighborhoods and community-wide activities.
HHC 7.2 Promote social responsibility and development of personal capabilities among Scottsdale’s youth and family members.
HHC 7.3 Promote public land uses, such as parks, schools and other civic uses that act as the nucleus of neighborhoods and link them with surrounding land uses to promote community interaction.
HHC 7.4 (NEW) Promote a culture of volunteerism and community service through improved access to information about community service opportunities.
HHC 7.5 (NEW) Emphasize prevention and early intervention that will enable youth to make healthy choices when faced with difficult and/or dangerous situations, thereby reducing risks and strengthening the resiliency of youth in the community.
HHC 7.6 (NEW) Cultivate future community leaders by involving youth in civic affairs and providing opportunities for youth to be involved in community service.
HHC 7.7 (NEW) Encourage the development of quality, accessible daycare, including but not limited to preschool, after-school care and adult/elder daycare to support working families.
HHC 7.8 (NEW) Consider the needs of children, youth, and older adults in land use, housing, transportation, park, and public service and facility decisions.
HHC 7.9 (NEW) Foster and encourage community spirit, a sense of belief in self and others, and increased satisfaction with life for all community members.
HHC 7.10 (NEW) Explore the creation of a Community Happiness Index to periodically assess the community’s sense of happiness and overall quality of life.
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If there are additional Healthy, Happy Community Goals and Policies that you feel should be added, please list them in the box below.
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