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Conservation, Rehabilitation & Redevelopment

Scottsdale’s current Neighborhoods Element (PDF/561kb/6pps) was ratified as part of the City of Scottsdale General Plan 2001. The Scottsdale General Plan 2014 Task Force members utilized this document to create the Draft Conservation, Rehabilitation & Redevelopment (PDF/308kb/3pps)Element that will be incorporated into the draft SGP2014. This survey serves as means for you to give your input on the draft Conservation, Rehabilitation, and Redevelopment Element.

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Draft Conservation, Rehabilitation, and Redevelopment Element
Please read the Draft Conservation, Rehabilitation, and Redevelopment Element Introduction and Goals and Policies below, then rate and/or comment on each.
INTRODUCTION Scottsdale is a maturing city with little land left for new development. It is increasingly important for Scottsdale to focus on the conservation and rehabilitation of aging properties, seek creative infill development strategies, and support context-sensitive redevelopment in areas showing signs of decline. It is also critical that residents are involved in infill and redevelopment decisions affecting their neighborhoods.
The term redevelopment means to change existing development in an entire area or on an individual property through modification or by complete replacement. These “informal” redevelopment efforts are typically led by the private sector and intended to enhance an area that is in need of improvement. Sometimes cities assist with and encourage informal redevelopment through supportive ordinances and processes or public-private partnerships that often involve the funding of public infrastructure improvements that benefit the redevelopment purpose and the overall community.
At times it has been necessary for the city to utilize the “formal” Redevelopment Authority granted to cities by the State of Arizona. The Redevelopment Authority Statute (ARS 36-1471) provides tools for protecting the health, safety, and welfare of citizens by improvement of deteriorated urban conditions, acquisition and sale of property, establishment of open space, and achievement of other locally-approved redevelopment goals. In order to use this authority, the city must designate an area as a formal Redevelopment Area, per statutory criteria, and adopt a Redevelopment Plan to establish goals and policies to effectuate the redevelopment intent.
The goals and policies of this element address both “informal” and “formal” redevelopment, recognizing that any “formal” redevelopment must be approved by the City Council and conform to Arizona State Statute requirements.
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GOAL CRR 1. Ensure the long-term stability of Scottsdale’s neighborhoods by supporting high-quality, context-appropriate property redevelopment, rehabilitation, and conservation.
POLICIES CRR 1.1 Support redevelopment that is sensitive to the identity and character of Scottsdale’s maturing neighborhoods.
CRR 1.2 Continue the City's strategic and proactive intervention efforts for property redevelopment, rehabilitation and maintenance on individual properties and in areas that begin to show signs of decline, so as to prevent further progression of blight, distress, underutilization, and/or deterioration.
CRR 1.3 Support the proactive participation of affected residents and business owners during the planning and implementation of redevelopment projects, and hold redevelopment project sponsors accountable for early, meaningful communication with affected individuals and neighborhoods.
CRR 1.4 Strive to replace affordable housing removed by redevelopment projects.
CRR 1.5 Protect and re-energize established areas/neighborhoods by promoting context-appropriate infill development and innovative adaptive reuse of existing community resources and historic properties.
CRR 1.6 (NEW) Upgrade substandard infrastructure during redevelopment and rehabilitation projects.
CRR 1.7 (NEW) Encourage proactive neighborhood stewardship to prevent property and neighborhood decline, and assist neighbors-in-need, homeowners and property owners with property rehabilitation.
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GOAL CRR 2 Sustain the long-term economic well-being of the city and its citizens through redevelopment, rehabilitation and conservation.
POLICIES CRR 2.1 Support and encourage appropriate public and private economic reinvestment in mature, physically and economically declining areas.
CRR 2.2 Encourage re-investment that positively impacts the visual impressions and experiences of tourists, citizens, and businesses.
CRR 2.3 Redevelop antiquated commercial areas in order to maintain Scottsdale's standing as one of the major retail, restaurant, and entertainment destinations within the metropolitan area.
CRR 2.4 Redevelop and rehabilitate Scottsdale's mature employment centers in order to enhance Scottsdale's job market and provide for new job opportunities.
CRR 2.5 Encourage building techniques and alternatives that incorporate healthy, resource- and energy-efficient materials and methods during conservation, rehabilitation and redevelopment efforts.
CRR 2.6 Promote the presence and capacity of existing infrastructure, including telecommunications infrastructure, as an incentive to encourage more infill development within the community.
CRR 2.7 (NEW) Coordinate the processing of redevelopment proposals across city departments to reduce project costs and promote expediency.
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GOAL CRR 3. (NEW) Use formal Redevelopment Authority only when it is necessary to enhance economic conditions and improve the health, safety, and welfare of the community.
CRR 3.1 (NEW) Utilize redevelopment plans to promote careful and sensitive redevelopment of areas in the community that are vacant or blighted.
CRR 3.2 (NEW) Correct the deficiencies of areas that are experiencing blight or potentially hazardous conditions that affect the health, safety, and welfare of community members.
CRR 3.3 Expect use of relocation benefits to mitigate hardship on individuals and families during redevelopment process relocations.
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If there are additional Conservation, Rehabilitation, and Redevelopment Goals and Policies that you feel should be added, please list them in the box below.
New/Additional Goals and Policies:

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