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Character and Design Element

Character and Design (PDF/21.5mb/17pp)



Character and Design Vision Statement

Scottsdale residents and visitors value the diverse character and unique quality of design that our Sonoran Desert community offers. Scottsdale promotes a quality of development and redevelopment that is considered above the norm in terms of aesthetic composition and sustainable durability. Appropriate development in Scottsdale will strike a balance that respects the natural desert settings, historically significant sites and structure and the surrounding neighborhood context, with the objectives and needs of future generations. Art and aesthetic enhancement will continue to be essential components of our community's character and lifestyle.


The Character and Design Element focuses on character and quality of design throughout the community. It covers streetscape design, the review process for development design, historic and archeological preservation, and the role of art in defining the city’s character. This element is a community created element.


Element Graphics:

Character Types Map (PDF/349kb)

Character Areas Map (PDF/93.7kb)

Streetscape Map (PDF/148kb)

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