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General Plan 2001


The General Plan is the culmination of Scottsdale's collective vision for how its citizens want the community to evolve over time. The General Plan is an important document that ultimately affects how the community looks and feels, and how future needs will be met. 


2001 Scottsdale General Plan (PDF) Warning! Large file size.


The General Plan is a statement of goals and policies that work as the primary tool for guiding the future development of the city. On a daily basis the city is faced with tough choices about growth, housing, transportation, neighborhood improvement, and service delivery. A General Plan provides a guide for making these choices by describing long-term goals for the city's future as well as policies to guide day-to-day decisions.

The General Plan varies from the structure outlined in state law, which mandates fifteen required elements. The Scottsdale General Plan includes three community created elements: Character and Design, Economic Vitality, and Community Involvement. Some of the state mandated elements have been combined and some have been expanded beyond what is required by state law. As such, City of Scottsdale General Plan 2001 is divided into twelve elements which contain the city's policies on each of the various subjects covered within the plan.

General Plan policies are implemented and detailed through ordinances and ongoing formal procedures of the city, such as the Zoning Ordinance, Subdivision Ordinance, and Design Guidelines. The intent of the General Plan is implemented through recommendations from city Boards and Commissions and decisions made by the City Council. Over time the General Plan is a living document that is manifested by many specific decisions and events that cause it to respond to the changing conditions, needs and desires of the community.