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Lone Mountain Fire Station 15

31802 N. Pima Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85266

Fire Station 15 

Lone Mountain Fire Station 15 is proud to serve the homes and communities along Pima Road.

Apparatus at Station 15 includes a ladder truck staffed by a four-person crew of two EMTs and two Paramedics. 

The ladder truck is strategically placed in the Lone Mountain Fire Station to provide aerial fire support to the northern part of the city, which is the location to a number of homes with extensive square footage.  The size of these homes creates the need to fight fires much like a commercial building.  Although they enjoy home sprinkler systems, many fires spread to the attic, which most often are not sprinklered.  Ladder trucks give an advantage to crews by: 
  • Allowing access or egress of firefighters and casualties at height
  • Providing a high level water point for firefighting (elevated master stream)
  • Providing a working platform from which tasks such as ventilation or overhaul can be executed

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