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Desert Mountain Fire Station 16

9320 E. Cave Creek Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85262

Existing FS16

Desert Mountain Fire Station 16 provides emergency response coverage to nearly 19 square miles in the far northern section of Scottsdale.    

The temporary facility houses one engine crew that responds to approximately 430 emergency calls per year.  Apparatus at station 16 includes an engine and a brush truck used in wildland firefighting.

Presently, the station is located on the western edge of the station's response area, several hundred feet from Cave Creek Road on a property shared by the city's fire and water departments.  Travel from the station, along the extended driveway to Cave Creek Road, takes at least one minute, negatively impacting response time.  

The City of Scottsdale and the fire department has identified a site for a permanent station at 10905 E Loving Tree Lane. By moving three miles to the east, with immediate access to Cave Creek Road, the station will be more centrally located in the response area.

Learn more about the proposed fire station at this new location, near the intersection of Cave Creek Road and 110th Street.

For more information on Scottsdale Fire Department services & programs, please visit www.ScottsdaleFD.com or call 480-312-FIRE. 

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