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Cactus Acres Fire Station 8

9598 E. Cactus Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Cactus Acres Fire Station 8

Scottsdale Fire Department has set a goal of arriving on the scene of an emergency within 4 minutes or less, 80 percent of the time. Before building Cactus Acres Fire Station 8, existing fire stations’ crews responded to calls in this area in about 8-9 minutes, 80 percent of the time. A key factor in reducing response times is the location of a fire station.

The Cactus Road /96th Street site is located on a major road that has good access to the homes and businesses needing improved response times. Scottsdale Fire Department estimates that locating the station in this area results in about 1,600 additional calls for help being responded to within 4 minutes or less annually.

The department also provides faster service to 18 public and private schools located in the area and the more than 600 businesses which are considered medium- to high-risk for emergency calls.

Scottsdale Fire Department has fire stations throughout the city that are located in and near residential areas. We are committed to being a good neighbor and tailored the design of a station to suit the neighborhood.

Based on public feedback, city staff and the fire department station design team worked with WLC Architects to develop a site plan, layout, and design.

The design incorporated the need to house the Hazardous Materials Response Unit.  Crews are specially-trained to respond to HazMat calls, like natural gas leaks.  The central location of Station 8 allows the crews to respond to these calls quicker. 

Cactus Acres Fire Station 8 opened in September 2011 and houses 1 four-person crew, an engine and HazMat truck.

 For more information on Scottsdale Fire Department services & programs, please visit www.ScottsdaleFD.com or call 480-312-FIRE. 

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