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Eldorado Park Fire Station 1

1901 N. Miller Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85257

Eldorado Park Fire Station 1

Eldorado Park Fire Station 1 provides emergency response coverage to south Scottsdale. This dense, urban environment includes 14 schools, several hundred businesses and many non-sprinkled residences. Fire Station 1 also has the highest number of emergency calls in the city. The relocation of Station 1 from its original location at Miller and Thomas helps the fire department reach you when you need them the most.

Getting to residents faster can mean better outcomes for them and their loved ones. Time is of the essence in emergencies because:
• In the time it takes to brush your teeth, a fire doubles in size. That’s about 2 minutes.
• In the time it takes to brew a pot of coffee, a person’s brain can begin to die from a lack of oxygen.
• Brain damage begins after the first 4-6 minutes of a medical emergency. 

While the location of the fire station was considered for response time, the design of the fire station integrated into the park and the neighborhood.  Additionally, the new building was designed with community input on potential other uses for the fire station. This included a community room allowing residents and Scottsdale clubs and organizations to schedule meetings and events.

Public Art Component

Scottsdale Public Art dedicated a new sculpture in the park near Eldorado Park Fire Station 1 (1901 N. Miller Road), as part of the city’s commitment to public art. Artist Ilan Averbuch developed the concept of the sculpture after visiting the site, learning about the story of Eldorado Park from the community, and meeting with city staff.

The sculpture, fashioned in Cor-ten steel and recycled stone, abstractly evokes a firefighter’s bell or trumpet in two funnel forms, one erect and one lying on its side, in grounded monumentality. The point of the resting funnel is atop a line of tapered stones. Details for discovery include a passive rainwater harvesting feature that reflects the manner in which rain appears sporadically in the desert and pools in the greenbelt. The audience for this new public artwork includes pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists on Miller Road, area residents, fire personnel, visitors to Eldorado Park, and tourists.

 For more information on Scottsdale Fire Department services & programs, please visit www.ScottsdaleFD.com or call 480-312-FIRE. 

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