Pet Safety

Heat Emergencies involving Canines

  • Dogs cannot sweat. They exchange heat through panting and to a minor degree, through their feet pads
  • Dogs do not tolerate high environmental temperatures as well as humans do
  • Certain breeds are more susceptible to heat emergencies than other breeds, (Boxers, Bulldogs, Pugs, etc.)

Causes of Heat Emergency in Dogs

  • Strenuous exercise in hot, humid weather
  • Elevated temperatures from atmospheric temps and hot surface contact
  • Sidewalk/natural rock surface can radiate very high temps
  • 90 degree atmospheric temp/ potential surface temp of 135 degrees

Heat Emergency in Dogs

  • Begins with heavy panting/ signs of difficulty breathing
  • Tongue/gums appears bright red with thick saliva
  • Skin elasticity (when pinched, does not snap back)
  • Worsens if dog vomits, becomes unsteady, lethargic, unwilling to move (Core temp in the 104 degree range)
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