Bike Safety

Wear a Helmet
  • Most bike deaths result from a head injury--bike helmets save lives
  • Bike helmets should be snug, level, and stable
  • To check position, place two fingers above your eyebrow--this is where the front of your helmet should rest
  • Adjust the side straps so the “V” where the straps join is under each ear; buckle the strap tight enough so that it’s snug when you open your mouth wide
  • After a crash or impact to your helmet, get a new one right away
See and Be Seen
  • Ride so cars and other vehicles can see you
  • Wear bright colors or clothes that reflect light--especially at night
  • If you ride at night, get a headlight for the front of your bike and reflectors for the front and back of your bike
Follow the Rules
  • Bikes have to follow the same traffic rules and signs as cars
  • You must ride in the same direction as the cars are going
  • If with a group, or approaching other riders, stay single file
  • Signal when you want to stop or turn
  • Watch out for holes, wet leaves, debris, or cracks in the street that may make you crash
Maintain your Bicycle
  • Check your brakes, tire pressure, seat height, and chain before each ride
  • If you are not comfortable performing your own maintenance, take your bicycle to a local bike shop for a regular tune-up
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