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Oh, Baby! and Child Safety Tips

babyKeeping your baby safe or grandbaby is of utmost importance to you. Scottsdale Fire has some tips to help you in your efforts.

Child Car Seat Safety

Is your child's car seat a shield that protects or a missile that can cause severe inury? Our child safety tips can help you ensure they are safe in your vehicle.

Protect Them from Water

Children are natural explorers. They do not see the danger in an open toilet seat, bucket or sparkling pool water. Our water safety survey and other tips can be another safety eye for you.


There are times you need to get away and be an adult again. Make sure your babysitter has completed a Babysitter certification class and has been trained to help an infant or child in distress.

Prevent Chokings

Child choking incidents continue to climb, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics and is the leading cause of injury among children. It can be fatal, especially in children 4 years of age or younger.

The highest episodes of choking came from:

  1. Hard candy
  2. Meat (not hot dogs)
  3. Bones

Hospitalizations were more likely from high risk foods including hot dogs, seats and nuts. Learn more about the American Academy of Pediatrics choking study. Take a CPR class from Scottsdale Fire and practice with manikins on how to remove obstructions.