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In February 2009, the City of Scottsdale purchased a 3.3-acre parcel of land located at 10905 E Loving Tree Lane, near the intersection of Cave Creek Road and 110th Street, in the amount of $1.1 million. The City plans to use this property in the future as the permanent location for Desert Mountain Fire Station 16. 

Currently, Scottsdale Fire Station 616 is located at 9320 E Cave Creek Road, approximately three miles west, in a temporary trailer structure.  The future site is more centrally located, to allow for better coverage and reduced response times to emergencies in the northern areas of Scottsdale.

This property was purchased under the Fire Department’s Capital Improvement Project (CIP) budget.  However, there is no funding available for the design or construction of the station at this time.  A formal CIP request for the design and construction of this project will be made to the City Council in a future budget year.  Upon approval of funding, public meetings will be held to seek input and feedback on the design of the fire station.  

Map of Proposed Site  (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Fire Station 16 being moved?
Scottsdale Fire Station 16 provides emergency response coverage to nearly 19 square miles in the far northern section our city.   

Fire Station 616 Response Area (PDF)

Presently, Fire Station 616 is located on the western edge of the station's response area, several hundred feet from Cave Creek Road on a property shared by the city's fire and water departments.  Travel from the station, along the extended driveway to Cave Creek Road, takes at least one minute, negatively impacting response time.  One minute and a few miles may not sound significant, but every second counts during a fire or medical emergency. 

In addition, a permanent station with apparatus bays to protect costly equipment and emergency vehicles from the elements, will better meet the operational needs of our firefighters, than the current temporary trailer structure.   

Why this location?

Scottsdale Fire Department has set a citywide goal of arriving on the scene of an emergency within 4 minutes or less, 80 percent of the time. A key factor in reducing response times is the location of a fire station.

By moving three miles to the east, with immediate access to Cave Creek Road, the station will be more centrally located in the response area.

Scottsdale Fire Station 616 houses one engine crew that responds to approximately 430 emergency calls per year.  Based on the call volume, traffic from the station is estimated to be minimal.

What measures can the fire department take to ensure a fire station is compatible with nearby residential areas and properties?

Scottsdale Fire Department has fire stations throughout the city that are located in and near residential areas. We are committed to being a good neighbor and will tailor the design of a station to suit the neighborhood.

Station design, advances in technology and the modification of station operating policies allow fire stations to better blend into local neighborhoods. For example:

  • The proposed station, estimated to be less than 10,000 square feet, will take up only a small portion of 3.3-acre parcel, allowing for large amounts of natural landscaping, vegetation and walls to act as a buffers to minimize noise and lighting impacts.   
  • Station operating procedures can limit outdoor activities. They can require that outside activities be minimized or held at other locations, and that equipment safety checks occur during daylight hours.

Fire stations can also add value to neighborhoods by:

  • Providing immediate response to emergencies.
  • Participating in neighborhood block watches and other activities to improve safety and provide an overall sense of added security.
  • Providing safe havens for children in case of emergencies.

How can I get more information or comment on the proposed project?

Scottsdale Fire Department wants to hear from you! Please share with us your questions, feedback or comments by calling us at 480-312-8000 or email

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