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Scottsdale Fire Dept Explorers Post 601

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Scottsdale Fire Department and Boy Scouts of America have partnered to offer a Explorer Program for the City of Scottsdale. This career education program is for young men and women who are 14 to 21 years old.

The Explorer Program is designed to build character and confidence, promote citizenship, develop personal and physical fitness, develop the ability to function as a part of a team, and familiarize members with the fire service in general.

Explorers receive education about the fire service, participate in community service activities related to the fire department and, when appropriate, ride on engines with SFD crews.

Our goal is to attract a very diverse group of interested candidates. The Scottsdale Fire Department and the Fire Explorer Program embrace the many faces and cultures of our region.

Potential Explorers must submit an interest letter and participate in an interview process before acceptance into the program. The current roster for Explorer Post 601 is currently closed due to a maximum post limit.  Interest letters received during this time period will be filed put on a wait list until positions open or a second post is established.

For more information, visit Fire Service Exploring leavingcos.


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