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Fire Code Assistance and Enforcement

All Scottsdale firefighters are trained to inspect areas businesses to protect them from fire hazards. Additionally, the Fire & Life Safety division staff are trained at a higher level to ensure building plans provide the appropriate level of protection to occupants by code, to ensure the continued safety of higher hazard occupancies on an annual basis, and to perform cause and origin inspection of fires.

Business Risk Analysis

An Engine Company Inspection program was developed and instituted for the city of Scottsdale in 2009. The program assists the Fire & Life Safety Division by utilizing on-duty crewsto conduct lower-hazard commercial business safety inspections.

The program also provides opportunities for positive interaction with the local business community, raises individual safety awareness levels, and provides an opportunity for fire units to become familiar with buildings and potential hazards in their first-due area. 

Any major safety or code violations identifies are referred to Fire & Life Safety staff for follow-up.

Community Preparedness

The Fire & Life Safety Division initiated an outreach program with large local businesses and residential properties to provide fire warden training and an evaculation program. Participants in the program thus far include high-rise residential properties, nursing homes and large commerical businesses.

The department also enhanced its collaboration efforts with local Scottsdale schools by puttin ginto place programs to test and upgrade the safety components of exisiting facilities. During the same time period, staff worked closely with Scottsdale Unified School District in the design, inspection and complete rebuild of the high schools within the city of Scottsdale.

Additionally a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was established with the State Fire Marshal's Office to officially update and transfer responsibility to plan review and safety inpections for all lcoal schools and county and state buildings to local fire departments. This ensures a higher level of review and compliance with local and naitonal safety guidelines for facilities within our jurisdicition.

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