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Scottsdale Fire Department Minimuster


The initial minimuster idea was developed in 1987 by firefighters and teachers. In 2008, the program was adopted by Scottsdale Fire Department as part of the Urban Survival - Child Fire and Life Safety Program. The Minimuster is designed for K-3rd grade and combines learning with fun.


  • Educational
  • Informative
  • Promotes Team Building
  • Encouragement
  • Confidence



Students are divided by teachers into 8-10 engine companies of up to 10 kids per team. The students will participate in these teams through the five rotations.

Bucket Brigade – This historical portrayal of early firefighting is a fun event that gets the kids active and wet! The start point is at the “dip tank.” Buckets of water are carried and dumped into a purple barrel. Once water has reached a predetermined mark, the event is finished. Each participant may carry a bucket two or more times.

Team Turnout – Children get the idea of the type of equipment firefighters have to wear on emergency scenes. Each participant puts on a coat, boots and helmet – assisted by teammates. They run through an obstacle course of cones and then each participant takes off the equipment – assisted by teammates.

Escape Plan – There is a multitude of learning at this event. A smoke detector sounds to begin the activity. They get out of the “bed,” crawl low, feel door (door is “hot”) and they have to find another way out – through a window. They must reach the Family Meeting Place – a tree or the mailbox.

Fire Squirt – Participants learn what it’s like to use a hose line. Using a hose and water, the students simulate extinguishing a fire. Participants squirt water until the “fire” is knocked down.

Truck Demo – The teams meet at the Fire Engine/Ladder Truck. Firefighters show equipment and don protective gear.


Awards Ceremony

All participants are given a sticker badge and pencil.

A plaque is given to the school for its participation.

After the plaque is presented to the school faculty, the firefighters make sure ALL the kids get W-E-T! (With teacher approval)

For more information, contact the Public Education Officer at lschmidt@scottsdaleaz.gov.

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